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Freya's Spell

This week’s The Originals begins with Davina’s and Camille’s funerals. Davina’s is quiet and reverent while Camille’s is an all out New Orleans style celebration of her life. Marcel, Josh, Vincent, and Kol attend Davina’s funeral, while everyone else attends Cami’s. At Davina’s grave, Marcel and Vincent vow to take revenge on those who caused Davina’s fate. Marcel specifically calls out the Mikaelsons for their part in her doom. Meanwhile, at Camille’s funeral, Klaus is approached by Detective Will Kinney, who has also come to mourn her passing. Eventually, Marcel comes to place a flower on Cami’s coffin and leaves. Klaus realizes that he needs to reach out to Marcel to apologize for what happened to Davina before Marcel’s anger hardens into something worse.

Davina Claire's Tomb

Kol walks in and finds Freya has stayed behind from both funerals. He accosts her for not attending Davina’s funeral, since what happened to her was largely Freya’s doing. Freya is trying to use magic to find out if the prophecy is still in play, or if they destroyed the prophecy along with Lucien. Kol says he doesn’t care about the prophecy or Freya, and he lets her know as much.

Freya's Spell

In a bar, Detective Kinney has approached Vincent to ask him about Camille’s death. He’s confused as to why Camille died, and yet there is no record as to why she died. Vincent doesn’t want to answer his questions at first, but eventually agrees.

Kinney Wants Answers

Josh and Marcel are discussing Marcel’s plan on taking the serum and taking on the Mikaelson’s. Josh doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Josh says that in order for Marcel to really take them down, he would end up having to take everyone down, including Hayley. Josh asks Marcel if he thinks that’s what Davina would have wanted, and Marcel seems to have second thoughts about his plan.

Marcel Changes His Mind

Elijah walks in while Freya is trying to find out more about the prophecy, but she doesn’t have enough power. Elijah allows Freya to channel him in order to find the truth about the prophecy. She sees that the prophecy is still in play, and that Marcel is the one who will bring it to fruition. Elijah is confused as to why Marcel could have that power. Freya tells Elijah about how Vincent stole the serum and could have given it to Marcel.

Freya Channels Elijah

Klaus approaches Marcel in an attempt to apologize. Marcel doesn’t want to hear it at first. Klaus tries to justify the actions taken against Davina, but Marcel doesn’t agree with that, either. Marcel asks Klaus what he is to Klaus. Klaus tells Marcel that he is family, but Marcel doesn’t see it. Klaus begs for one last chance to prove him wrong, and Marcel agrees.

After a quick scene where Elijah says that he is going to warn Klaus about Marcel and the serum, we see Davina trying to reach out to Kol. Her soul wasn’t completely destroyed, and parts of it still remain. It seems as if she is trying to haunt Kol.

Davina Haunts Kol

Vincent takes the detective to his old house while explaining the supernatural world that surrounds New Orleans. Vincent retrieves a dark object that will be able to sever the Ancestors’ connection to the world of the living. Vincent believes that everything that has happened is the Ancestors’ fault, and the only way he is going to be able to protect the city is by destroying their connection to the living world.

Vincent's Place

Klaus has taken Marcel to the bridge where Klaus had Marcel scatter his father’s ashes. Klaus says that the moment he meant Marcel, he saw himself in Marcel. Klaus sees Marcel as his son, but Marcel still doesn’t forgive Klaus. Marcel says he doesn’t owe Klaus anything, and that if either of them owes the other anything, it is Klaus that owes Marcel. Klaus admits that when he saw how much Marcel had grown, he feared that Marcel would become his better. Klaus also admits that he knows that he has not done enough by Marcel. Just as it seems as they are coming to an agreement, Elijah shows up. Klaus asks Elijah to leave, but Elijah won’t. Marcel doesn’t understand why he has to prove himself to either of them, but Elijah calls Marcel out on possessing the serum.

Marcel is Not Impressed

The detective and Vincent are almost ready to enact their plan against the Ancestors when Kol comes in and demands to help. He tells them that Davina has approached him, and he wants to go to the other side to see her. He won’t take no for an answer, and so Vincent allows him to join them.

Back on the bridge, Elijah explains to Klaus how Marcel came to own the serum. Klaus pleads with Marcel to not take the serum, but Marcel doesn’t understand why it would matter. If Marcel really is the member of the family that Klaus says he is, then it shouldn’t matter if Marcel is more powerful. Marcel calls out Klaus for needing to feel as if he is the most powerful. All of the good work that Klaus had been doing all day has now been washed away. Marcel realizes that he is not a part of the family, and that only those with the Mikaelson name have that benefit. Klaus tries to take the serum from Marcel, but Marcel fights him off. As Marcel is yelling at Klaus, Elijah steps in and rips Marcel’s heart from his chest. Klaus yells “NO” and Marcel’s body falls to the river.

Elijah Kills Marcel

After a brief scene where we see that Vincent and Kol have crossed into the spirit world and found Davina, we see Elijah and Klaus arguing by the riverside. The current has taken Marcel’s body down river, and so it cannot be found. Klaus feels he could have talked Marcel down, but Elijah does not agree. Klaus still feels that Marcel was a member of their family, but Elijah feels that was destroyed the moment Davina was killed. Elijah knows that Marcel hated them, and would have brought them down. Klaus is still not convinced.

In the spirit world, Davina tells Vincent that he has done right by bringing the dark object to the spirit world, but that his work there is done. The witches will need someone to lead them without the Ancestors to guide them, and Vincent needs to be the one to step up. Davina forces Vincent back into his body. Davina and Kol then say their goodbyes. They let each other know how they feel about each other. They share one last kiss and then Davina sends Kol back to his body. She sets off the spirit bomb and is able to sever the Ancestors’ connection to the living world.

Davina's Goodbye

At the compound, Hayley goes to Klaus to ask him to forgive Elijah. Klaus at first doesn’t want to, Marcel was a son to him, and Klaus doesn’t think that Hayley would be asking if it had been Hope that Elijah had killed. Hayley calls him out for using Hope against her, and then reminds Klaus that Elijah has always forgiven Klaus in the past. Klaus tells Hayley that she sounded like Cami in that moment.

Klaus is Very Upset

Vincent and Josh return to Marcel’s loft to find Klaus there. Klaus is retrieving the copy of Hamlet he used to teach Marcel to read. Josh tells Klaus that Marcel isn’t there at the moment; Klaus says that Marcel is dead and walks out. Josh is upset at first, because he convinced Marcel not to take the serum. Vincent tells him, however, that Marcel actually took the serum as soon as Vincent offered it to him. We then see Marcel awaken at the bottom of the river as the new beast.

Marcel is a Beast

This episode was gut wrenching in many ways. We dealt with the death of two of our main characters, and the perceived death of another. All of the conversation between Marcel and Klaus was completely emotionally charged and intense. I have to give it to the actors to be able to keep up that intensity for as long as they did. With only one episode left, though, I wonder how they are going to tie everything up. I guess we will find out next week when The Originals returns for it’s season finale.

The Originals airs on The CW on Friday nights at 9PM ET.

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