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More like geek chic office bounding with this subtle line for the fangirl looking to demonstrate their fandom pride in the workplace.

Elhoffer Design has rolled out a fandom inspired line of women’s blazers to fulfill the need to dress as powerful as you feel on the inside. Just like your favorite characters!


These pop culture icon inspired, color-blocked pieces raise the bar on limited office wear choices currently available in the fashion market. We have founder and designer Catherine Elhoffer to thank for that, as well as some of the best pieces in Fandom Fashion that you have no doubt already seen. Spider-Gwen hoodie from We Love Fine? Yup, that was her! She’s also previously worked with Her Universe on a number of properties. Her work has always been on the forefront of expanding female fan fashion from the only other options of ‘ladies’ size tees and ‘men’s small or medium’ choices. Those are the worst.

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Always a step ahead in the game, Elhoffer has branched off to spearhead her own line of her luxury geek inspired wear with her own independent fashion house: Elhoffer Design. This non-stop woman is on a mission to mashup street fashion with the colors and lines of empowering figures in pop culture so you can dress like the hero you know you are.

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Each current collection she releases is a limited run with small quantities being produced to ensure quality and is maintained at the L.A. based factory she has teamed up with to bring us fashion industry conscious work. Not only that, her brand is incredibly body positive and available in sizes XS-3XL. The professional look is made using Ponte Fabric that’s comfortable and form fitting which you can’t say about most of what’s available already in the market for women’s office clothes.


And there’s actually POCKETS you can put stuff in! It fits big iPhones. SOLD!

You can find her current Geek blazer 2-piece collection inspired by Marvel’s Loki on her website. With it’s imminent success there’s no doubt there’ll be more from where that came from.

Maybe, even something for minds at work.


Want to learn more about Catherine Elhoffer directly from her? She recently sat down with the Legion of Leia podcast to chat with us about the state of Fandom Fashion, her mission to shake things up and channel A.Ham himself but with a sewing machine.  Listen to her inspiring story on our podcast here. Make sure to also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and support her work on Etsy as well!

Check out the Mischief Blazer and Dress available for pre-order now, with ship dates in late August. The first 25 customers to use the coupon code ‘GeekBound’ at checkout on ElhofferDesign.com will get an additional 25% off their purchase! This code works also works on any of her pieces. Everything is limited run, so if you eye something be sure to try and get it before it’s gone. 



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