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Jones on SNL

Jones on SNL

The saga of curvy actresses clashing with fashion designers continues, as Ghostbuster’s Leslie Jones tweeted yesterday that she can’t find any designers to dress her for the Ghostbusters red carpet premiere. Somehow, some way, designers remain blind to the fact that people – women in particular – come in more sizes than 0 or 2. As a fellow curvy lady, I feel Leslie’s dilemma. It is hard enough figuring out what to wear for a special event, but being made to feel ashamed due to your size on what should be a night of celebration feels terrible. Again, as is typical in these cases, Leslie is not what us regular people would consider plus-size, either. Leslie is not taking any of that nonsense, however, and  I’m proud of her tweet, as follows:

leslie jones tweet 1

Once again, Hollywood size bias is on display, especially since sites like Pret-a-Porter (which I will not link to, as they don’t deserve the traffic) published an article in response to Leslie’s tweet, in which stylists basically say that Leslie’s lack of designer choice is her own fault for being so fat. Thanks to her tweet, however, Leslie got some help right away from one of today’s coolest designers, Christian Siriano! He answered her tweet with a wave, and she was super excited to hear from him:

jones siriano

Good on ya, Christian! He often dresses Hollywood ladies that don’t fall into the stick-thin category. Don’t you love Leslie’s follow-up tweet? My fave part is “Put y’all ass on blast” – perfect description. She should definitely name names. Leslie is one of the funniest, smartest ladies in comedy and Ghostbusters is one of the hottest premieres of the summer. She shouldn’t be worrying about not finding dresses for all her press events. My guess is that, like myself, Leslie is definitely not sample size, nor is she plus size. I am between those two categories myself at the moment, as a size 14 (and proud!). I know from experience that there is a bit of a designer wasteland when it comes to sizes above 8 or 10 (and even 10 is an outlier). I can’t wait to see her custom Siriano premiere look!



Source: NYMag

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