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I love reading Game of Thrones fan theories. They always make me think about things in the story I never would have before, or make me remember something I’d forgotten. Now that Sunday’s big reveal put one of those theories to rest, my new favorite is one surrounding Varys. As the theory states, Varys is not actually human, but a merling (Game of Thrones‘ version of mermen). I know what you’re thinking, but ride this one out with me for a bit. When you read the reasoning given behind this theory, it actually does start to make a lot of sense. For instance, when Arya is stalking Varys and Illyrio, she hears water dripping in the distance, and notices they seem to emerge from a well, and also seem to vanish into a sewer that dumps into the river.

Another clue as to Varys’s possible mer-status, is when Tyrion threatens to throw him overboard. Varys brushes the threat off and informs Tyrion that he may be surprised by the result. Also, there is no bed in Varys’s bedroom… of course he wouldn’t need one if he were sleeping at sea. Not to mention, when eating humans was brought up in a conversation around Varys, he licked his lips. VERY peculiar if he were human, but if he were a merling then it would just be par for the course.

Lastly, a couple things I noticed on my own. In S6: E8, Tyrion makes the comment that Varys doesn’t need to shave. Just because he’s a possible eunuch shouldn’t mean he never has to shave. Also, Varys leaves Tyrion’s presence before boarding the ship to Dorne, is this because he didn’t actually board the ship? Maybe he was just going to swim to where he needed to go.

There is much evidence to back the speculation and you can either read it all here on Reddit or watch Dan Casey talk about it in his video for Nerdist below.

What do you think about this theory? Does it hold any water? (see what I did there) Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.

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