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Credit: FX

Credit: FX

Alright, so we saw some creepy, mysterious Snapchat teasers from American Horror Story the other day, but now FX has uploaded all six teasers in HD on their Youtube! They really are keeping the theme mysterious this year. You can check out the teasers below:


It seems like the theme is going to be something like innocent people get stranded in small town of seemingly nice folks who turn out to be a crazy murdering cult fueled by demons. Something like that.

Also, is anyone else super grossed out by the “Post-Op” teaser? I mean, I know that the AHS teasers are always pretty weird and sometimes gross, but that’s more disgusting than I think I was prepared for. The stapling sound and just imagining that happening to you is the worst.

Anyway, look out for more AHS news as season six draws closer. There is a rumor that they won’t be revealing the theme at all this year, so we may just have to wait until the first episode to find out. Either way, it looks like this might be a return to form for the series, whose last few seasons have been severely lacking in horror.


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