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In a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, Supergirl adds Floriana Lima to play Maggie Sawyer, a series regular character.

Maggie was first introduced by John Byrne in 1987 as a captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit where she was a highly skilled member of the Science Police, a division that specializes in dealing with metahumans.

She was later revealed to be a lesbian in the 1988 “Wings” storyline in Superman, making her one of the first openly gay characters in mainstream comics. She’s most famously known for being in a relationship with another famous superhero, Batwoman/Kate Kane.

In Supergirl, Maggie will be a detective at the National City Police Department, who takes a special interest in cases involving aliens.

In an interview earlier this year with THR, executive producer Greg Berlanti spoke about the importance of being inclusive. He just be referring to Everwood at the time, but it rings true about any of the shows he’s worked on:

I created [Everwood] because I wanted these characters to feel like they were in the real world. And then probably more than anything for me as a kid, representation really mattered. For most of my childhood, even through college, there was a lot of feeling very alone. I loved TV, so when those very special episodes of anything came or when certain characters reflected the world I lived in, I felt connected.

In the comics, Maggie and Batwoman were supposed to marry, but DC banned the couple (and just about every other major character in the universe) from tying the knot. Not only did this dissolve the characters’ relationship altogether, but it also led to Batwoman‘s creative team quitting the company.

I hope Maggie gets a better deal on Supergirl.

Source: THR

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