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This year’s Hall H was explosive with light shows, deafening screams of joy and incredibly entertaining footage. Below is a run down of each film Marvel Studios brought this year and how the Hall H audience that camped out over the span of two or even three nights responded. 

Upon the very announcement that Marvel Studios were taking the stage the joy and delight overfilled the audience. This was what everyone had been waiting for and they did not disappoint. 

The New Logo

Following a quick catch-up sizzle reel of where we are in the MCU, which ended on memorable footage from Captain America: Civil War, the energy couldn’t be better for a new reveal. Kevin Fiege revealed the new Marvel Studios Logo to the room and it went over like gangbusters. Everyone dug the elegance and the idea of having footage from previous films with in the Marvel lettering and it’s set to a brand new score by Michael Giacchino. Good move Marvel Studios. 

Black Panther

Kevin Feige spoke about how important it was to introduce the Wakandan King in captain America: Civil War, while footage played of Chadwick Boseman as the character to positive shouts of love. Following this intro, Kevin brought Ryan Coogler, the director of the upcoming film which starts shooting in January, onstage. 

Ryan Coogler spoke to why he is excited about being Black Panther to the screen. “The coolest thing about Wakanda is that they have a King.” He then brings out Chadwick Boseman, making the crowd go nuts. He couldn’t help but smile and speak highly of being apart of the Marvel family and his love for the character. 

Coogler then brought out the rest of the cast who couldn’t say much but they were all very excited. We were given character names with each actor who took the stage. We now know that Lupita Nyongo will be playing Nakia, Micheal B. Jordan will portray Erik Killmonger and Dania Gurira will be the head of the Dora Milaje as Okoye. All of them were greeting to a warm welcome by the very happy audience. Lupita was very excited and stated that she couldn’t wait to start kicking ass. The cast is incredible and looks like they already have strong chemistry together. 

Thor Ragnarok

Taika Waititi couldn’t be there but Kevin Feige spoke highly of his vision for how he saw the film. After a sizzle reel featuring special effects footage and concept art, the response made it clear that they too believed in his vision. We were then treated to a short film that Taika made with Thor called Captain America: Civil War Team Thor. This effectively generated the most laughter of the night. It included Bruce Banner talking on the phone with Tony Stark and Thor being denied access to the call. It was all shot like Tiaka’s earlier film What We Do In The Shadows and it won over anyone who wasn’t already sold on him. We were then given exclusive looks at the film which showed Hulk’s battle armor, Kate Blanchett as Hela and Thor rocking a buzz cut. 

Doctor Strange

Starting with an insane light show with fog filling up the room and lasers projecting into the mist, it was then that Benedict Cumberbatch walked through the mist and revealed himself on stage to an uproarious applause. Kevin Feige spoke about getting the right man for the job. Cumberbatch then spoke about the joy of playing the character. “it’s a joy from start to finish and it’s unlike anything I’ve played before.” Scott Derrickson took the stage and spoke highly about his cast, before they all took the stage. 

Rachel McAdams spoke to being Doctor Steven Strange’s link to humanity and knowing him before the accident and after. It’s a true change. Chewitel Ejiofor spoke to being a mentor to Strange and how there friendship evolves. Tilda Swinton spoke about her role as the Ancient One. “The Ancient One can be anyone and the character can see the inner light in people.” We saw this visually in a small clip featuring her Ancient One and her first meeting with Steven. Benedict Wong reveals that his Wong is the master of the mystic arts and is like a drill sargent. We saw this as well in a short clip where Steven meets Wong and Steven has a play on the fact that Wong only has one name. “Like Adele, or Bono.” It was met with middling laughter. A sizzle reel followed this and we got to see some more of the other worldly-ness that Doctor Strange will bring to the MCU and it was very colorful and scored beautifully by Michael Giacchino. The visuals were very inception like but more kolidoscope in its execution. We even see something similar to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity in it as well as Strange was floating in outer space. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Kevin Feige started speaking to how the film’s all are different in tone due to the characters feeling different in their individual comics and abruptly he is cut off by a thunder of noise and the lights dropping down. The scene that introduced Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War plays to loud applause. Tom Holland walks on stage and the crowd goes wild. The director Jon Watts also talks about the film and how it’s a high school movie in the flavor of a John Hughes film. We were then presented with a surprise look at what they had shot. The comedy was quick and momorable with funny glances across the cafeteria, while showing kids being kids and then there was the Spider-man moments which were incredible. They nailed both Peter Parker and Spider-Man in this film. Tom Holland summed up everyone’s reaction when he yelled, “Wooooo!!!” After it played. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn takes the stage and introduces the Ravagers from the film who come out with Sean Gunn and start making fun of the actors in the film. It received hearty laughter and the make up they were sporting was incredible. He then revealed the actual cast on stage. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Dace Bautista take the stage as they are heckled by the Ravagers. Pom Klementieff is revealed as playing Mantis and Elizabeth Debecki is playing Aisha, the villian. Kurt Russell then takes the stage to an incredibly warm reception. We are given a clip that shows Yondu and Rocket taking out an alien gang with the help of Baby Groot who will steal the movie. He’s adorable and “too cute to kill” according to one of the deadly aliens. 

Following the clip, Yondu takes the stage in full make up and Michael Rooker is supporting his signature large red fin. The crowd loved it. Chris Pratt said it was nice to see Yondu and Rocket but what about the rest of us. We were then treated to a fantastic promo with humor and heart ending with the reveal of a new logo for the film. The crowd was knocked out with joy. They truly nailed everything you’d want from a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. 

You would think the crowd couldn’t have been more hyped but then it happened. Feige said we should all take a big selfie with the entire Marvel family and at that moment they made the announcement. Brie Larson IS Captain Marvel! Everyone nearly jumped out of their skin at the news and seeing Brie Larson come out on stage. 

What a way to conclude the best presentation of the day in Hall H. It was an incredible honor being in that room and Marvel Studios has certainly made the coming years worth anticipating. 

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