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With talk about Season 4 possibly being the last season of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’, we’ve been waiting to see what is in store for the infamous detective and his friends. This usually means waiting eons, especially in recent years with both Benedict Cumberbatch’s and Martin Freeman’s schedules becoming immensely busy. Now we finally have a teaser trailer to stare at. While Moffat and company are discussing the upcoming season of ‘Sherlock’ at SDCCPBS just released the Season 4 teaser trailer and it looks like no one is being spared this season.

‘Everyone they know is under threat’ the teaser trailer informs us. The stakes are high and there is hinting of some relationships being severed and tested. Tension is everywhere and things look like they are going to hit Sherlock personally this season. Something is coming and, I’m now wondering, who will survive all the way to the end of the season.

Watch the trailer below and tweet me your thoughts @birdiesrunamok. ‘Sherlock’ will be returning in 2017.

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