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Beauty & The Beast/Tokyopop
















During the “Tokyopop Relaunch” panel last night, Tokyopop founder Stu Levy announced that they will be releasing a brand new two-part manga adaptation of Disney’s new live-action ‘Beauty & the Beast’ film. One part of the manga, most likely Volume 1, will be told from Belle’s perspective, which is the go-to perspective that is most frequently shown to viewers in adaptations. The other part will be told from the Beast’s perspective, which will provide some necessary insight into the character’s mind.

This manga adaptation should not be a surprise for those of us who followed SDCC’s panels last year.  After making an announcement at Anime Expo last year that they were going to begin publishing manga again, Tokyopop had suggested at last year’s SDCC that they would be collaborating with Disney to produce original manga adaptations.

While we wait for the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ adaptation to come out, two Tokyopop/Disney collaborative works will be published within this year. Volume 1 of Disney: Stitch!’ by Yumi Tsukirino will be released on August 10. On October 5, Tokyopop will be releasing the manga adaptation of ‘Disney Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas’ by Jun Asuga.

How do you feel about these Disney manga adaptations? What about Tokyopop’s revival? Do you think the concept art released by Tokyopop above looks promising? Tweet me your thoughts @birdiesrunamok. I’d love to hear them.

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