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Spider-Man: Homecoming/Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming/Marvel Studios

Last time we saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, he was swinging around an up-charged Ant Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Yesterday we saw him in Hall H at SDCC  where we got more background from the Director Jon Watts as to what kind of feeling to expect from the film, where we were shown some basic footage of the everyday school life of Peter Parker, and where we were introduced to the villain via concept art – The Vulture.

I think most of us feel that this version of Spider-Man is the closest we’ve ever gotten to the comic book version. Tom Holland‘s version is young, fresh, and naturally awkward unlike the “too old for high school” Tobey Maguire version or the Edward Cullen hair swoosh Andrew Garfield version. Director Jon Watts described the film as:

“[A] high school movie. A straight-up high school movie [about] a 15-year-old kid. This is the ground level of the Marvel Universe.” The helmer said we know what it’s like to be a billionaire inventor or a god from another realm in the MCU, and now we’re going to know what it’s like to be 15 and just coming out of puberty. Add to that having spider powers and… “Wouldn’t you really want to tell everyone that you’re Spider-Man?” he said “If you had to keep that secret, it would drive you crazy.”

Given the brief synopsis provided, it’s safe to say this version of Spider-Man is possibly the one we’ve been looking for. The only Spider-Man I had truly known growing up was the geeky high school kid from comic lore. And, after seeing Captain America: Civil War’ and hearing the director’s vision for the film, I feel very certain that this will be the best Spider-Man version yet.

After the director broke down his vision, we were also shown footage showing a daily school experience for Peter Parker, none of which is online for public viewing yet. You see him in his classes, interacting with his classmates before he has to take off. This is when we are introduced to a brief glimpse of the villain for the film as he shoots through a tunnel.

Spider-Man Concept Art/Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures

Spider-Man Concept Art/Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures

This version of the Vulture, especially after looking at the concept art above, looks a lot more mechanical than the old wizened millionaire from the Spider-Man comics. It’s nice to see that they are using someone from the original 6 villains of the comic series. I’m curious to see how this version will turn out.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ will be released in theaters on July 7, 2017.

What are your thoughts on the new Spider-Man incarnation? Which of the three live-action versions of Spider-Man do you like the most? What do you think about The Vulture  being the villain in this upcoming film?  Tweet me @birdiesrunamok.I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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