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This shouldn’t have been a surprise to any of us.

Netflix has made an announcement on their official Stranger Things twitter page revealing that Season 2 is happening. Considering how quickly everyone pounced on viewing the series and how many raves the series had received from critics and fans alike, it wasn’t a question that they’d renew the series. It was a matter of when they would renew the series.

In a teaser trailer released on the page, it hints at the characters and the scenarios that will be be making their appearance in the following season. The video is set to the electric 80’s sounding theme song that we’ve all come to know and love.

Season 2 will debut sometime in 2017 and will have 9 episodes instead of the 8 that we received from Season 1. No official casting has been announced yet, so we will not know for sure whether or not the lovable and memorable characters from Season 1 will be returning. There is a small substantial possibility, based off of a previous interview with the Duffer Brothers, that we will get to see the original cast grow up in following seasons. As Matt Duffer explained in an interview with Empire, he relishes the idea of bringing the original cast back to watch their progression:

[B]ut I like that you’re revisiting these characters and these kids and watching them grow up on a year-to-year basis.[…]Without giving anything away, when you open the door to alternate dimensions, there’s a lot you can do. We’re not really boxed in!

via Empire

The Duffer Brothers will be returning to write the second season of the show. Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen will be back to executive produce the series.

I’m super excited about Season 2 getting the official announcement. What about you? Have you watched Stranger Things? What do you think will happen next season? Let us know in the comments section and make sure you check out the teaser trailer below.

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