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A new preview of the upcoming season for The Walking Dead has released, and it breaks my heart. In the scene, Dwight is wearing Daryl‘s vest and riding his motorcycle. Now, he could have just stolen them from Daryl, but I can’t help but worry about one of my favorite characters. This also could just be a ploy to lead us to believe it’s Daryl who is killed by Negan in order to throw us off the real trail. I’m going to try to hold on to hope that this is the case, but I guess we won’t know until October when The Walking Dead returns to AMC. See the preview for yourself below.


What do you think? How will you react if Daryl is killed off? Personally, I have said for a while that if anything happens to either Daryl or Judith, I might just have to quit the show. Yes, I’m that fan. Let us know your thoughts, though on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Well, if they deviate more from what happens in the comic book that would also be another reason not to watch the show. Not taking that harsh step would just mean this show has lost it’s spine and the shine is truly gone.

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