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With The Vampire Diaries entering it’s 8th and final season, The CW has been looking for another show to take its place. The Lost Boys, a TV show based on the 1987 Joel Shumacher (The Phantom of the Opera) directed film, may be that show. Written by iZombie creator Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), The Lost Boys is to be an anthology-style show lasting 7 seasons. As reported by Deadline, each season will cover the span of a decade, making the show cover about 70 years total. Every season will have a new setting, cast, antagonist, and story, with only the main vampires staying the same. The focus will be what it really means to be immortal, and to stay the same age over an extended period of time, while everything around you changes. Beginning in 1967, the series will eventually end its story in the year 2037.

The Lost Boys

The original movie was a horror comedy that starred Jason Patric (Wayward Pines) and Corey Feldman (Dream a Little Dream) as brothers who move with their mother, played by Dianne Wiest (Law and Order), to begin a new life in a coastal town. Not long after the family arrives, they begin to notice that the seemingly quiet town is actually the home to a den of vampires. The movie is a classic and a definite must-see for any vampire fan. It’s just pure fun that we don’t see in many horror movies today.

Normally, I would be worried about a TV series adaptation of one of my favorite movies, however, I have come to trust The CW and Rob Thomas. So far they have not given me any reason to think they won’t produce absolute television gold. I love iZombie, and Supernatural is one of my all time favorite shows. Even though we currently have no details, I’m excited to see what this treatment of The Lost Boys will bring.

What do you think? Are you excited? Or do you think they should find a different show to fill the void left by The Vampire Diaries? Let us know in the comments below, and on our Twitter.

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