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Hello! Christina here, taking over for Shaun. He’s at Dragon Con right now, and I somehow ended up reviewing Fear the Walking Dead for him. A likely story. This guy has been trying to get me to watch this show since the start of Season 1. Up until now, I have put up a valiant effort not to watch this show. I’ve been tricked!

This week’s Fear the Walking Dead opens with probably the worst wedding ever. Sure, it starts out as everyone’s Pinterest dream (I am definitely adding polaroid streamer to the list of things for my fictional wedding). But then it ends with the father-of-the-bride dying of a heart attack and then chewing his daughter’s face off seconds later. And if that wasn’t enough “suck salad” for you guys, the hotel staff locked the whole wedding party inside the ballroom. Oh, and guessing from the conversation had between the hotel manager and the bride’s parents, the outbreak was already starting, and the U.S. was starting to close its borders, of which they were currently south. In Mexico.

We later discover that this is the same hotel where our regulars are currently trapped inside. A few members of the wedding party and miscellaneous other guests, have survived the initial chaos, as well as the hotel manager Elena and her nephew Hector. However, the guests and staff are opposing sides.

Alicia, holed up alone in a room somewhere in the hotel, is desperate to find her group. While on her search, she gets cornered inside an elevator shaft, but is pulled out by a helping hand just in time. Elena’s helpfulness, however, was so she could question Alicia on the whereabouts of the other guests, who took her nephew while he went on a supply run. Alicia convinces her that she has no idea what what’s going on, that her only interest is finding her mother and leaving this place.

Elena and Hector seem to be the only staffers left in the hotel. As Elena explains and later shows us, they spend most of their time herding the Infected room to room like hungry lemmings…all the way to the edge of a balcony. Since Hector is missing, it’s Alicia who must pick up the slack, thus gaining Elena’s trust.

After, the two make their way downstairs where they run into some really pissed off guests, two of whom are the mother-of-the-bride and the groom. Another one of the guests have Hector at knife point. As part of their deal from earlier, Alicia helps get Hector back by convincing Elena to give the guests her manager’s keys which can lock and unlock any door in the hotel. As a bonus, she opens up a room full of Infected. Alicia, Elena and Hector hide behind a door while the Infected chase the guests.

More chaos ensues as a few straggling Infected discover our three. They barely make it to a door when Alicia’s mother shows up on the other side, safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Chris and Travis share a few bonding moments before it all goes to sh*t. While Travis works on getting a car started, Travis walks off to find some food and water at a nearby diner. The kid runs into a small group of American ruffians and Infected. Chris takes the water and can of beans, kills a couple Infected, and leaves the rest for the other guys to handle while he runs off with Travis, who is ignorant of what just happened. It’s only until later that night, when they encounter the three young men while camping, that Travis learns the truth.

The three young Americans — Brandon, Derek, and Baby James — reek of trouble. Spend enough time with them, they could even be the definition of unchecked white male privilege in a world with no rules. You can see Travis realizing this the more one of them talks to him, but Chris is just excited to find new friends. Travis obviously isn’t thrilled by the thought of joining up with obvious douchebags with guns, and he makes his thoughts known to Chris. The kid whines and insists that his new buds are “good people” even though literally everything they’ve done and said so far have raised nothing but red flags. Seriously, how has this kid not been left behind to become Walker food yet? I’ve only watched this one episode and I’ve already gotten the impression that he’s ten times worse than Season 2 Carl.

Lo and behold, my suspicions were confirmed moments later when the guys stumble upon a farm. The youngsters talk of staying together and maybe take over the seemingly abandoned farm, but Travis has a bad feeling all around. The farm isn’t actually abandoned. It’s run by a sole farmer who lost his family. The young guys and Chris stand off against the farmer while Travis tries desperately to defuse the situation. The farmer shoots one of the ruffians in the leg, there’s a moment of pause, and then Chris shoots and kills the farmer. Unblinking, Chris then turns to his father and holds out his hand as gesture to join him and his friends. Travis turns away disapprovingly.

I know he’s your son and all, Travis, but…maybe it’s time to leave your son to his demise. I don’t think anyone else here will judge you for that.


  • Just one — with the acceptation of Alicia (maybe), is anyone on this show likable?

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  • I wouldn’t call Alicia likable since the show hasn’t developed anything about her character outside of some teen angst moments. But she can be just as stupid as all the other characters in the TWD/FTWD universe. Telling mysterious radioman their coordinates and wandering around an unsecure area while listening to her headphones during the zombie apocalypse puts her in competition with some of the dumbest characters we’ve come across. Lexa would definitely not approve.

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