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Image via DC Comics

Image via DC Comics

There’s just no stopping Greg Berlanti when it comes to creating superhero television shows. This time, he is working with Fox to bring Black Lightning to the small screen.

Executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter just recently landed a pilot production commitment at Fox, with husband-and-wife duo Salim & Mara Brock Akil writing the adaptation.

In the potential series, Jefferson Pierce (aka Black Lightning) has already put his super heroic days behind him years ago. That obviously doesn’t last for much longer with a head-strong daughter who’s biting at the chomp for justice, and with a promising youth getting recruited by a local gang. As a result, Pierce gets pulled back into the vigilante lifestyle.

Berlanti Productions, Akil Productions and Warner Bros. Television are producing the hour-long drama. The Akils are also executive producing.

I don’t foresee Fox letting go of Black Lightning any time soon, assuming we get a full series order and it has a successful first season. It’s currently home to a couple of successful comic book adaptations already — Gotham and Lucifer. There’s also have a pilot commitment for an X-Men series as well. Then again, this is Fox we’re talking about. A network notorious for cancelling shows at the drop of a hat. So…maybe we should begin a countdown for Black Lightning’s move to The CW? DC Entertainment might as well get their own channel just so they can fit all of Berlanti’s shows. Either that or expand CW’s primetime schedule to 10pm (if they haven’t already).

The show will be based on the DC Comics character created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden.

Source: Variety

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