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Niantic CEO John Hanke took the stage Wednesday at Apples event to announce that Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, which will be known as Pokémon Go Plus.

Pokémon Go Plus won’t allow players to check a live map and throw Pokéballs on their watches; instead, it will alert the wearers that certain Pokémon are nearby. If they aren’t all Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Weedles, the player can then take their phone out and switch to the default app to capture the little pocket monster.

In addition, the watch interface will allow players to interact with Pokéstops so they can snag those precious Pokéballs and what-not. It’ll also let players know how much XP they need before reaching the next level.

For Apple watch owners, Pokémon Go Plus will free up players’ hands as they walk around; although, it’s unclear whether or not the app still needs to stay open for the app the watch to work. I wonder how much more distracting it will be when you’re putting in those kilometers while driving… (Don’t Poké and drive, please).

Pokémon Go Plus will launch exclusively for Apple Watches “later this month.”

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Source: ArsTechnica

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