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Credit: The Roddenberry Foundation

Credit: The Roddenberry Foundation

On the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, it seems fitting for The Roddenberry Foundation to announce an award that will help those who are inspired by the ethos of Star Trek to explore where no man has gone before. To kick off a three-day celebration of the 50th anniversary, Eugene (Rod) Roddenberry made an announcement launching the new The Roddenberry Prize, which will be an annual $1 million prize in support of innovative solutions that address humanity’s greatest challenges. This covers a wide field, leaving many would be contestants wiggle room to explore their submission options. As the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, it makes sense that this prize ties into Star Trek due to the amount of inspiration thousands of creators have pulled from the series for their own work.

Now, is the prize just going to one person or is it being split up into multiple prizes? It will be split up to spread the wealth among contestants. The top prize will consist of $400,000. The rest of the money will be split into four $150,000 awards. Now, for those of you concerned about how exclusive the contest is, don’t be! The Roddenberry Prize is open to everyone. I repeat, it is open to everyone! Anyone who has an idea that can help benefit and improve on mankind’s livelihood can sign up.

The why’s and the how’s surrounding the contest’s inception is clear:

“We launched The Roddenberry Foundation to build on my father’s legacy and philosophy of inclusion, diversity and respect for life to meaningfully improve the lives of people around the world,” said Rod Roddenberry.  “With today’s launch of The Roddenberry Prize, we hope to heighten awareness of the critical needs that many face on this planet, and unleash the imagination and drive of those inspired to do something about it.”

via The Roddenberry Foundation press release

After such a turbulent decade, I feel that this contest is very much needed. If it even sparks just a tiny glimmer of awareness to the problems we are facing in this world, it will be of great help for us all!

The Roddenberry Prize application period starts today and closes November 16, 2016. You have just a little over two months to submit your application. After a judges’ panel goes through the applications and selects the winners, there will be an announcement sometime in January 2017 that will announce the winners. This announcement will be made around the time of the premiere of the upcoming CBS series Star Trek: Discovery.

If you are interested in applying, applications and criteria can be found at The Roddenberry Foundation’s prize website at RoddenberryPrize.org. The website will go live at around 5 PM Pacific Standard Time/ 8 PM Eastern Standard Time to coincide with the announcement which will be livestreamed on The Roddenberry Foundation Facebook page.

Do you know anyone who’s interested in this contest? Are you interested in the contest? Let us know in the comments below and do make sure to apply for the contest as soon as you can.


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