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But not for long. Originally, Star Trek: Discovery was set to air in January 2017, barely 4 months away. Now it’s being reported that the newest Star Trek is being pushed back 6 months to May of the same year. It is the hope of the show creators that this extra time will allow for some fine-tuning and polishing.

If the show is ambitious as it continually purports, I’m willing to wait that extra time. In particular because Star Trek has always been ambitious, and the franchise’s reach has almost always exceeded it’s grasp (only a handful of the movies had the ability to balance spectacle with quiet philosophical ponderance). Star Trek has always had to win fans over through it’s intelligent storytelling, trying as hard as possible to make up for less-than spectacular special effects. Let’s hope that Discovery has the ability to pull this balancing act off, now that it has a little more time to breathe.

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