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Nintendo has finally decided to cash in on the never-ending iPhone dominance with today’s announcement that the iPhone 7 and corresponding iOS will feature a gaming collaboration with their most popular character of all time – Super Mario. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook introduced game design legend Shigeru Miyamoto at today’s iPhone 7 launch event, and Miyamoto debuted footage from Super Mario Run, a new game exclusively available on iOS. The 2D game will set Mario off running in the classic sidescrolling worlds that 80s kids grew up playing, and tapping the screen will make Mario jump to get coins, avoid chasms, and stomp evil mushrooms.

Single-player mode is only one of three available gaming modes, the second being a multiplayer space called Toad’s Rally, where players can compete for coins. This will allow Nintendo to really benefit from the social aspect of iOS gaming, as Mario is traditionally a single-player experience. A third mode was described as well, where players can “create your own Mushroom Kingdom” but not many details were given. World building and customizing the Mario experience will make for an interesting and engaging dimension to this new mobile game.

A price point for Super Mario Run has not been provided yet, and release is expected some time in December, presumably to coincide with the holiday season. There are plans to make the game available for Android users at some point, but for now, Nintendo and Apple have joined forces for this new addition to the Super Mario universe.

Will you be playing?

Source: Kotaku

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