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Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Did somebody call the Doctor because he’s definitely in the house now!

Tom Baker discussed his new role as Bendu on Star Wars Rebels via an exclusive with USA Today. For those of you who do not know who this amazing fellow is, he is known most famously for portraying the Fourth Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who. If you don’t know who the Fourth Doctor is, he’s the one with a gigantic scarf and has a mop of curly hair. If that still isn’t ringing any bells, I’m not sure how else to help you.

The Bendu that Tom Baker is playing, as explained during the short ‘Meet Bendu’ clip below, is neither good or evil. He’s neither light or dark. However, he still possesses a great deal of Force. So much, it seems, that he is sought out for help by Kanan to figure out his path after his blinding.

It appears that Tom Baker’s Bendu is being set up to be the Yoda-like figure for this season of Star Wars Rebels. However, since the Bendu himself has admitted that he is not representative of the Jedi or the Sith, he is definitely different from the familiar green Jedi mentor that we recall.

When asked whether or not Bendu was being set up as a Yoda-like mentor figure to Kanan, he responded as such:

The big characters in these series appear to be making decisions, but it depends on the writers giving you good powerful scenes. These adventures of The Doctor and Bendu are followed and loved by people who dream. Dreaming is so important, because anything can happen. It has nothing to do with physics or logic, it’s like religious faith.

Tom Baker compares the character of the Doctor and Bendu quite a bit in the interview. The two share a power, a power that Baker discusses as being the biggest appeal for his portrayal of Bendu:

 It all has to do with inexplicable power. I had a very religious upbringing — believing in angels, devils, divine forces and other worlds — so when it comes to playing a life force like Bendu, I can easily embrace in my imagination all those thoughts I have from my past. My fate is guided, of course, by the script writers, but I try to record on days when I believe in fabulous forces.

is sought out for help by Kanan to figure out his path after his blinding.

Comparing the two characters, I think, definitely helps to give a better visual for fans who are waiting for the third season of Star Wars Rebels to appear. The Doctor has been known to be a fairly grey character, neither purely good or purely evil. This seems to correlate with the Bendu as well. It’ll be interesting to see the character’s development when the series airs.

Star Wars Rebels’ third season premieres on Disney XD on September 24, 2016, at 8:30 PM EST/PST.

What are your thoughts on Bendu? Let us know in the comments below.

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