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Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

The Doctor Who panel at NYCC was filled with so much information that it was overwhelming. Not only did they discuss the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff Class, but there was much discussion about Pearl Mackie’s Bill character in Season 10 as well as discussed the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. The panel gave a lot of background story about the upcoming Christmas special and gave us a first look behind-the-scenes of filming the special.

If you notice that the Christmas special seems kind of comic book in style, it’s probably because of Moffat’s love for Superman. There was much reference to the infamous caped wonder throughout the panel. Capaldi compared the tone of the special to the original Christopher Reeve ‘Superman’ film, pointing out that both have that same good-hearted superhero feel. Moffat drew a further comparison between Clark Kent aka Superman and the Doctor, saying that Kent is, “[A]wesome — he goes around pretending he’s not a god; he doesn’t tell the woman he loves that he’s the person she’s in love with — it’s a love triangle with two people.”  Gee, that sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

The general plot that was provided goes like this. The Doctor will be teaming up with a mysterious caped crusader, played by guest star Justin Chatwin,  and with an investigative journalist (Charity Wakefield) in order to save New York from a deadly alien threat. Between London and New York City, I am not sure which city gets attacked more by aliens. Maybe Los Angeles? Poor cities.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

The title of the Christmas special will be “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. But that isn’t the only character that is returning. Matt Lucas, who also appeared at the Doctor Who panel, is set to return as Nardole after last year’s Christmas special. Moffat joked about Lucas’ return at the panel, stating: “Just as I was thinking it would be great if the Doctor had some kind of valet or butler who wouldn’t be very polite or obedient, Matt said he wanted to come back. He just kept volunteering to do more. It’s working better than we could’ve expected.”

The hour long Doctor Who Christmas special will air on BBC One on Christmas Day. The story was written by Steven Moffat. Ed Bazalgette directed the episode. It was executive produced by Brian Minchin, and produced by Peter Bennett.

Take a gander at the first look video of the new Doctor Who Christmas special. Let us know what you think below in the comments!

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  • Make what you will of the pilot episode of the new Doctor Who. I myself was fairly dubious upon first viewing, yet by the second episode, Russell T Davies had established a mark that makes this series his own! Gone are the wobbly sets and loose plots without continuity. Despite the episodes being manned by several writers, Davies manages to ingeniously weave them together. From the very first episode, he leaves the slight inkling of an epic subplot; the Doctor’s heartfelt, almost-apologetic excuse to the Nestene Consciousness (“I couldn’t save your world – I couldn’t save ANY of them) is incredibly engaging and it was this very line that drew me in to offer the series a second chance.

    And I’m incredibly glad I did. The series takes everything that made the original series popular and updates it for a new generation. The villains, the ideals and the themes all reflect a world that people are living in today. And then Davies also adds something new to the character of the Doctor – a REAL mythology. He no longer has that familiar skip in his step that he was famous for – he’s running on low battery power – and he has something no other Doctor had; a survivor’s guilt. A man left homeless by an epic war between an ancient and familiar enemy. He carries both the burden of the loss of his home and people, but also the guilt that he somehow had a hand in it.

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