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While this is only the first episode, it seems the move from CBS to the CW hasn’t dampened our Girl of Steel’s spirit. Supergirl remains upbeat, energetic, and earnest. Maybe, just maybe, Season 2 is where the series will find its feet.

Last year, Kara learned to be the best hero she could be as Supergirl. This year, it’s time for Kara Danvers to find the best version of herself, and it starts with the proper introduction of her cousin, Superman, in the most adorable way possible.

Tyler Hoechlin is a breath of fresh air as the newest version of Superman and Clark Kent. He channels the boyish charm and goodheartedness of Christopher Reeves‘ take of the iconic character while still making it his own. If you’re not giggling every time he’s on screen (either by his own clumsiness or when Supergirl tells everyone she used to change his diapers)…who hurt you? Season 1’s constant references of Supergirl‘s cousin always felt painful and shoehorned. Glad they are now able to let him fly free and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the cast.

Clark is in a pretty good point in his life right now. Lex Luthor is in jail, he’s dating Lois Lane, and his position at the Daily Planet is fairly stable. He doesn’t need to participate in a big story that would potentially steal the limelight away from the star of the show. If anything, his presence serves as the perfect foil for Kara.

In some ways, Kara looks up to Clark. He has, after all, been at this whole superhero game a lot longer than she. At the same time, she’s still his older cousin who can tell him stories about what life was like on Krypton. It’s an odd dynamic for the both of them, but they work through it by keeping an open line of communication. That alone helps establish the two as equals, and it reflects well when they work as a super team.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Through Season 1, I honestly was afraid that Supergirl would go the way of a lot of “feminist” TV shows and focus on fighting outside patriarchal forces on all fronts. Season 1 certainly stepped parallel to that line, especially where Cat Grant’s speeches were concerned. It’s nice to see Supergirl switch things up by showing a powerful guy such as Superman unquestionably respect the authority his female counterpart has already established on her own. It’s a more positive and subtle message for feminism, really.

This season’s big bad seems to be whomever’s controlling Project Cadmus. But the immediate concerns seem to revolve around the Luthors at the moment. John Corben was hired by the incarcerated Lex Luthor to kill his adoptive sister, Lena Luthor. As the new CEO of LexCorp, she’s trying to rebrand the company’s sullied image by changing the name to L-Corp and using it to do good. The episode gives us just enough time with both characters to establish some future dangers in the coming episodes without bogging us down with unnecessary character exposition.

Other changes include Winn quitting his job at CatCo and officially joining the DEO as the token comic relief and resident techie. He was totally underutilized at his old job, so this is a better fit for him. Cat Grant is still stomping around the office, but her hundredth “challenge yourself” pep talk to Kara seems to hint at a change for her character as well. The one change that didn’t feel right is the retconning of Kara and James’ budding relationship.

Only 12 hours has passed since the end of the Season 1 finale, and Kara’s already having second thoughts about whether or not she really wants to be with James Olsen. It’s the case of “girl finally getting her crush only to find that she may not want him as much as she thought.” There wasn’t enough conflict in prioritizing her relationship with James to saving the day as Supergirl to make her “let’s just be friends” break-up scene believable. The decision is an inevitable one, but it happened too soon.


The best change-up in Kara’s life is her decision to become a reporter. How she comes to this conclusion was handled pretty well. For one thing, it’s a nice pay-off to Kara’s relationship with Cat Grant, which turned out to be the heart of the show in the first season. It also proves that show hasn’t forgotten who their main character is. As a reporter, Kara can still help people in ways Supergirl can’t. And don’t think it’s because she’s mirroring her cousin. Cat had Kara pegged the day she hired her as an assistant.

The Adventures Of Supergirl” is plain spoken about what the show wants to be from now on: frank, optimistic, cheerful, sincere, and with less clunky writing. If you can’t handle that, then too bad.


  • The mystery of who crash landed onto Earth inside a Kryptonian pod is revealed. Sort of. His face is shown. It’s Chris Wood, whom I almost mistook for Tyler Hoechlin. Yeah, definitely Mon-El.
  • There’s noticeable tension between J’onn and Superman. Turns out that J’onn is the one who discovered and named Kryptonite. At the time, Superman wanted to destroy it all. J’onn went the opposite way and stored whatever they found within the DEO. J’onn’s good intentions is understandably a slippery slope. While Superman doesn’t hate J’onn, he does foresee certain problems for what could happen when the Martian Manhunter is no longer the leader of the DEO.
  • Corben is shot by Lena Luthor, and would have died if Project Cadmus hadn’t taken him from the hospital and turned him into…Metallo. What makes Metallo problematic for Superman, is that he’s not only smart, but he also hides a chunk of Kryptonite in his chest. We’ll see if that side of him holds up with this version.
  • How did Kara find a replacement assistant so quickly?
  • Speaking of replacement, fans of Richard Donner‘s Superman movies will recognize the name Tessmacher as Lex Luthor’s assistant. Cat even yells at her the same way Gene Hackman does in the movie.
  • Clark Kent’s handsomeness brings all the ladies to the yard.

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