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This week’s Supernatural begins with a couple walking home from a bar. They hear a baby crying from inside of a house, and decide to call 911. As the man is calling, the woman goes inside to investigate. She can still hear the baby crying, but only finds a baby doll in the crib. The man comes to meet her, and they quickly realize something is very wrong in the house. They try to escape, but an unseen force doesn’t let them. We see them scream and then the screen cuts to the title card.


Back at the compound, Mary is having trouble sleeping. Castiel enters and tries to comfort her, but his words don’t actually do much. She goes to her room to try to get some rest, and decides to cut her hair.


The next morning, Sam and Dean are discussing what they know about the British Men of Letters over Breakfast. Unfortunately, they don’t know much. Castiel enters and informs them that he has a lead on Lucifer’s possible whereabouts. Sam and Dean want to accompany him, but Castiel tells them they are needed more at home with their mom. After Castiel leaves, Mary with the short hair enters and tells the boys she’s found a case. She had been looking through some newspapers and found a story about the couple we saw at the beginning of the episode. The three set out together on the hunt.

Castiel is talking to someone who may know Lucifer’s new vessel. As Castiel is leaving, he passes by Crowley who makes fun of Castiel’s fake FBI name, Agent Beyonce. We are then taken to Mary, Sam, and Dean who are asking the coroner questions about the deceased couple from the beginning of the episode. He informs them that the couple died of hypothermia in a 65-degree room. Their hearts were literally frozen. This is why he hasn’t released the cause of death.

Supernatural Crowley

Crowley is pestering Castiel in order to get Castiel to allow him to help in the search for Lucifer. Castiel is clearly annoyed by Crowley’s persistence, but eventually realizes that Crowley might prove useful in the case. (Watching them work together is going to be really fun, I just know it.)


Meanwhile, the Winchesters have made their way to the haunted house, where their EMF readers are going off the charts. Mary enters the room with the creepy crib, and gets locked in the room, just as the couple did. Sam and Dean try to get to her, but breaking down the door does not prove to be an easy task. A little boy grabs her arm, burning her. Sam and Dean make their way into the room, and knock the ghost away with an iron crowbar. Mary is left with a handprint shaped burn on her arm.


Back at the hotel, Dean and Sam are searching on the Internet for any clues about what might be going on in the house. Apparently, the house has a history of kids’ deaths. We can see that Mary is still a little confused at the way hunting has changed in her day, as she was prepared to go door to door asking neighbors questions and to hit up libraries for leads. However, a lead has been found, and they go to follow it.

Mary Winchester

Castiel and Crowley approach the house of Lucifer’s vessel’s sister. After an embarrassing attempt at trying to get in the front door with the FBI bit, Crowley lets himself in. Once they are inside, Castiel can tell that Wendy, Vince’s (Lucifer’s vessel) sister, has been recently healed. Castiel informs her that the “thing” that healed her was not her brother, and he suspects she knows that. Castiel comforts her by saying he and Crowley want to help Vince, not hurt him. She eventually tells them that he healed her, and then left with his “groupie friend.” Castiel quickly realizes that she meant Rowena, and questions Crowley about his motives. Crowley points out how powerful Rowena is, and how bad it could be for everyone if she is under Lucifer’s control. Castiel agrees and they set off on their way. They realize that Lucifer is most probably in the cabin where Vince wrote most of his songs in solitude.

Castiel Crowley Supernatural

At the cabin, Lucifer asks Rowena if she knows any beauty spells. He has Rowena literally in chains. He wants to know if she can make this vessel permanent. Sam is still the only vessel that can truly hold him, but he’s given up on that. He likes Vince and wants to stay. He threatens to snap her neck if she doesn’t help him.

Rowena Supernatural

Sam and Dean are pretty sure that they have figured out what is going on with the house, and decide to go salt and burn all the bones of the children who died in the house. Mary is not convinced, because she doesn’t think the little boy who grabbed her wanted to hurt her. She also has an odd spell where she has flashbacks to not only the night she died, but also to the boy in the house. Sam and Dean decide to leave her at the hotel as they go and take care of the bones. After they leave, Mary decides to do some hunting her way. She calls the last owner of the house and gets the story of how her boy died in the house. The mom says that the boy just froze, and she never understood how it happened. She thanks Mary for calling her, as talking about it helped her feel a little better. She makes the statement that “no one talks on the phone anymore,” to which Mary replies, “I noticed.”

After finishing burning all the bones, the boys get back to the hotel and notice that Mary is missing, along with the weapons bag. Mary has made her way back to the haunted house, weapons in tow. She sees the ghost of the little boy, Lucas. She tries to talk to him, but he is apprehensive. She tells Lucas that she talked to his mommy, and that his mommy misses him. He then points to a boarded up door and disappears. Mary makes her way down to the basement, where Lucas is waiting for her. Sam and Dean call her, and they tell her they salted and burned all the bones. She lets them know it didn’t work, and they tell her to get out of the house.

Sam and Dean Winchester

We are then cut to Rowena who is trying to cast a spell on Lucifer’s vessel in order to make it resilient enough to hold him. She asks if Lucifer is going to keep her alive after she completes the spell, but Lucifer won’t give her an answer. She completes the spell, which actually sped up the decaying process. Rowena is one tough chick, and wasn’t about to let herself get destroyed by anyone. She banishes the decaying Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean, and she makes her escape.

Lucifer Supernatural

Back in the basement of the haunted house, Mary asks Lucas what is keeping him on Earth. He replies, “him” and points to a wall. Mary makes her way upstairs where she sees the ghost that has been causing all of the problems, the father of the first victim. He begins to try to kill her, but Sam and Dean walk in seemingly just in time. However, the ghost possesses Mary instead of killing her. Possessed Mary goes on the attack, and almost kills Dean, but Mary regains control long enough to bring it to an end. As she is fighting off the ghost, Sam and Dean spring into action and try to release the ghost haunting the house. Lucas, the ghost boy, shows Sam where the remains of the man are in the house. Sam salts and burns them, ending the haunting in the house. The ghost children then all appear and are able to finally are able to ascend into heaven.


Crowley and Castiel have made their way to the cabin, but all they find is Rowena. She tells them about how she pulled a fast one on Lucifer. They ask her if she’ll join their team of looking for Lucifer, but she turns them down. However, she says that once they get him cornered, she’ll be there to shove him back into the cage.


The Winchesters have made their way back to the compound. Mary tells Sam and Dean what she learned while she was possessed by the ghost. It’s a tragic tale of a father so grieved by the loss of his child, that it drove him insane. She also tells them a bit more about her own tragic situation. She misses her husband, and her sons the way they were. Every minute she is with her adult sons, she is reminded of the time she lost with her babies. She says she needs to leave, because she needs some time to herself. Dean is extremely upset by this decision, but he doesn’t fight her. She tells them she loves them, and then takes her leave.

Sad Dean Winchester

This week’s episode was full of heartbreak. Whether it was the supernatural story arc of the ghost children, or Mary’s difficulty processing her situation, internal tears were definitely shed. The bright moments in this episode were the hilarious moments between Castiel and Crowley. Their chemistry is so awesome, and I can’t wait to see more of it. I love how Supernatural always seems to get the balance between soul crushing sadness and levity just right. I can’t wait to see more of this season.

Supernatural airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9PM ET.



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