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Sarah Salvatore

Ding, Dong….The Siren is out of the blood jacuzzi!

…and right back into another pool, minus the fishtail. After spending the equivalent of three days with LeeLou levels of internet searching and making love song playlists, seems our new siren has a taste for the wicked and delightful; more drownings.

Thankfully, after last weeks small revelations we know that both Enzo and Damon hate being held captive by the new sensual baddie. Damon taking the soulless approach and hiding his memories of Elena away in his unconscious mind. Then there’s Enzo who hasn’t quite flipped the switch yet but hiding mentions of Bonnie from his mind as much as possible. However, he can’t hide the fact that he hates the Siren and wants to be rescued by his friends. It makes this episodes manipulations that much harder to bear.

So even though the Bro duo is stuck doing the Siren’s bidding, the Hero Squads hope is at an all-time high for rescue. Well, that is until Enzo gives up the name of Sarah Nelson to the Siren. The hunt begins to find her first and save the last living Salvatore relative.

When it all comes to a head everyone shows up to Sarah’s apartment at the same time. In one of the strongest moments of will power Enzo is able to stay in the room with everyone and explain what is happening with his captor and how it works. Bonnie doesn’t quite believe him, so she drugs and kidnaps him. It doesn’t really work in the way she wants it to, as his mind is bonded to the Siren and the farther he travels from her the more is essentially degrades his mind. We all learn that Enzo gave up Sarah’s name as the only other significant name he could let the Siren see so that he could still protect memories of Bonnie. However, the more Bonnie tries to stay around him the harder it will be for him to protect her. Bonnie may desperately want to protect her love, but it may be the best for them both for him to return to the Siren.

Back at Sarah town, Stefan is trying to help her escape. In the hallway though Damon shows up and renders Caroline incapable of helping (steals her ring, smashes her phone, and puts a stake in her back). So he gains passage into the apartment and easy access to nearly snapping Sarah’s neck. Luckily Stefan is able to talk him down some from killing her; reminding him of Elena and himself, and that he can help balance the scales of death by letting others live. He lets her go, but it’s all a little too late because the Siren shows up and stabs Sarah. She also learns of Elena and now has the key to cracking Damon mind completely.

And that’s just what she does…Sybil, the Siren’s actual name, finds all of Damon memories of Elena and ‘remodels’ them. This season has already shown a few clever cuts with old takes (that secret way to keep Nina Dobrev in the show), Sybil is now the leading lady in all of his happiest memories. Hook, line, and sinker: Damon is now wholly devoted to the Siren. Let’s pray that Stefan’s last ditch plea that his brother is stronger than her will play out. If not the only thing that ever kept Damon good has been erased from his mind.

Sarah bleeds out on the floor…


In another dark turn of events, when Enzo returns to Sybil and Damon she immediately finds Bonnie in his mind and does a little bit more remodeling. Guess the Hero squad is going to have a lot more to accomplish now.

Lastly, on the Alaric front. The new intern Georgie is continuing to steal our hearts with her excessive Alaric swooning. It’s sad, though, that when she was actually going to take her shirt off for him it was for research purposes and not fun times. Turns out Little Miss Spitfire has a cuneiform tattoo that matches an artifact associated with the Siren. This symbol was also something she saw in hell and this could all lead to Sybil actually being FROM HELL. The Sire lore just keeps getting scarier and scarier. This season is going to be one ‘hell’ of a fight to the end.


Oh and also…..SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!! Side note: Stefan proposed to Caroline! All our hearts exploded and then puddled on the floor that even Sybil would likely swim in and crack a little goofy smile.


The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays on The CW 8/7c.

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