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Sooooooo, hey! If you managed to bypass all the spoilers this week concerning the season premiere of The Walking Dead, congrats! That in and of itself should be worthy of an achievement award. But if you want continue that streak until you finally catch up, stop right here. Spoilers will be discussed beyond this point.

Seven years is a long time to stay at a single job. We get it. It can be tough transitioning into a new position at a new place. We guess it can be especially hard if the job you once held was one of the most watched shows on television. But what can you expect working alongside zombies for so long? Fate’s bound to catch up sooner or later. Seven years in a zombie apocalypse? Pshaw, everything else should be baby town frolics. Just ask Steven Yuen, whose character was unceremoniously terminated by the apocalypse’s new assistant manager, Lucille. He’s managed to bounce back on Conan.

In the clip below, we see Yeun discussing his new position as Conan O’Brien‘s stand-in during rehearsals. There doesn’t seem to be much rehearsing going on, but we’ll chalk that up to Yuen trying to get used to his new role. At least he managed to get past the first hurdle: getting down that trademark Conan hair just right.

If you’re wondering if Andy Richter requires a stand-in for rehearsals, the answer is yes. Yes he does. Filling in for him is also someone suddenly in need of a paycheck. I wonder if Conan is the next step for all of Negan’s potential victims.

Source: Nerdist

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