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This week’s Arrow starts with Oliver and Diggle searching for Tobias Church’s phone. It’s been very active considering he died a week ago. They trace it to an empty warehouse. They get to its location and flames appear. The flames spell out a message “So It Begins.” (I see what you did there, Arrow writers)

They go back to the Arrow Cave and Felicity suggests Oliver clue in the rest of Team Arrow about Prometheus, but as usual, Oliver says no. He wants to wait until there’s something a little more concrete.

The next day, Oliver has a sit down with Susan Williams, and she is still keeping her end of the bargain, but also reminds Oliver there’s a time limit to when he can call her. Ugh. After the interview, Thea talks to Oliver about hosting a music and arts festival to raise money and morale. It’s a great idea. Thea will use her connections to get the bands, and Quentin knows a guy to help the venue.

While that’s going on, Prometheus kills a random housewife. DA Adrian goes to the crime scene. Oliver meets him there and they talk. Oliver gives Adrian Prometheus’ name, and is alerted to another body being found.

This time is was a taxi driver. There’s no real connection between the two. Diggle suggests Felicity try to get her hands on one of Prometheus’ throwing stars from her detective boyfriend. She doesn’t really want to, but she goes to visit Billy. Billy knows she’s not giving him the whole truth, but he’s called away before she can even ask about the throwing star. Luckily, it doesn’t matter because she just takes the one Billy left on his desk. Talk about a mishandling of evidence.


As Felicity steals evidence, Oliver is over at City Hall listening to Susan Williams inform the public about Prometheus. She’s calling him the “Throwing Star Killer.” It’s catchy. But now, she’s helped cause citywide panic.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity is using her recently fixed gas chromatograph to examine the throwing star. She’s running algorithms to cross check the victims and see what the connection is. An alert comes in. Someone is claiming Prometheus is nearby.

Oliver and ALL of Team Arrow go to help out. The people are panicking and it looks like the beginnings of a riot. Some people are shooting to the sky. Oliver is pretty sure Prometheus isn’t even there. The team splits up to take care of the shooters and help the people. It’s over pretty quickly.

Back at the Arrow Cave, the team confronts Oliver on his not telling them about Prometheus. They don’t like being kept out of the loop. Oliver claims he was “vetting the situation.” They leave disgruntled, except for Curtis who lends his brain to Felicity to help her create a victimology algorithm. It makes Curtis feel like he’s Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac.

The algorithm works, and by inputting the names of Prometheus’ other victims, Felicity and Curtis work out the names are anagrams for people who had been on the list. What list Team Arrow newbies ask? THE List. The one Oliver got from his father. Whatever is going is clearly very personal, but that needs to take a backseat because the team is shocked and a little horrified. They leave even more pissed off at Oliver.

They have a team meeting of their own later at Rory’s to discuss the situation. Evelyn is the one who seems to be having the hardest time. She wants to trust Oliver but the idea of him being a serial killer is stuck in the back of her mind.


Oliver is also thinking about this. Diggle finds him in the Cave practicing shooting tennis balls. It’s a nice throwback. They talk, and Diggle points out Oliver is not perfect, but he has come a very long way. If this was four years ago, Oliver wouldn’t have even thought to ask about his progress and what kind of person he is. Oliver might feel like Prometheus is preventing him from moving forward, but Diggle knows the truth.

Felicity calls everyone back in with a list of six potential targets. Everyone will take one person to watch. Before she leaves, Evelyn tells Oliver how betrayed she feels by him.

And because Evelyn is the focal point of the team, it is her target, a subway conductor, who is chosen by Prometheus. Evelyn turns off her comms, and is forced to take on Prometheus by herself, but Felicity placed trackers on everyone after Rene was taken. She gives Oliver Evelyn’s location and he gets to her just in time. Evelyn put up a good fight, even cut Prometheus, but in the end, he overpowers her. He’s about to kill the conductor when Oliver arrives. Prometheus leaves via the subway car’s roof. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief until they see the bomb on the train. There’s not enough time to disarm it, so everyone grabs on to Oliver as he shoot an arrow into the air. It’s an Arrowchute! They land safely, and the bomb explodes.

Later, Oliver is fixing up Evelyn’s wounded hand, and they talk. He apologizes for not being who she thought he was. He’s trying to be that guy and thinks he’s very slowly getting there. He asks for her patience, and she agrees.

Felicity finally learns more about the throwing stars. They seem to be made of all of Oliver’s old arrows, going back four years. They were melted down and molded. This means whoever Prometheus is had SCPD evidence room access.


We close with Quentin. He’s in his dark, messy, and lonely apartment. He looks like he just woke up. He definitely has a headache, and his arm hurts. He looks down and there’s a gash on it. It’s right where Evelyn cut Prometheus. Does this mean Quentin is Prometheus? I guess we’ll learn more next week.

Susan Williams issues aside, Thea has a different problem to work on. Quentin has been coming in late and has been a bit of a mess lately. Since it takes an addict to know one, Thea goes to Quentin’s office to check on him, but he’s not there, so she’s takes it upon herself to look through his desk, and lo and behold, there’s a bottle of whiskey. She goes to his place, nearly takes his head off because he sneaks up on her, and confronts him. He lied. He never stopped drinking. Thea wants to take him to an AA meeting, but he doesn’t think it’ll look good for the deputy mayor to go. Thea doesn’t let him use that as an excuse and makes sure he knows she’s not giving up on him, even if he has.


Anatoly is trying to teach Oliver how to make bombs. Oliver, who has failed chemistry twice, is not happy about this. He’s anxious to go after Kovar. Anatoly points out the Bratva hones their skills during their downtime, and that includes bomb making. Oliver screws up, and his bomb goes off. Luckily, Anatoly threw it into a trash can and no one was hurt. Just then, Oliver hears the squeal of tires outside, and gets Anatoly down just before the hail of bullets come through the bar. This is Kovar sending a message to the Bratva. It’s a declaration of war.

Kovar wants to expand his territory and that includes building a casino. The Bratva plan on using Oliver to pose as a wealthy American investor (I know, big leap), and once inside, he will blow up the casino.

All goes according to plan, Oliver is even complimented on playing “American douche” very well, except before they can detonate the bomb, one of Kovar’s men comes in and knocks out Oliver.

Oliver wakes up to find himself and his Bratva brother tied up and talking to the man himself.We finally get to see who the mysterious Konstantin Kovar is and he’s DOLPH LUNDGREN!!! He’s been many things, but to me, Lundgren will always be He-Man. Anyway, Kovar snaps the neck of the Bratva and lets Oliver know he knows who Oliver is. Yay! The flashbacks are getting really good again!


Other points of interest

~ Felicity is a Babylon 5 fan and has ‘whoosh, whoosh’ noises for the throwing stars.

~ One of the Bratva heads calls Oliver “The Puppy.” I want that nickname to stick.

~ Felicity tells Billy Malone she works for the Green Arrow and he’s shocked, but surprisingly cool with her being a criminal.

~ Was Ragman flirting with Curtis? During the Team Arrow B Team meeting, Rory gives Curtis a drink that’s “powerful but a little sweet like him.” I know superhero life can be complicated and there are workplace romances, but not Curtis! We don’t want to lose adorable Paul! He’s such a good guy.

~ Thea epically shuts down Rene’s flirting. It’s beautiful.

~ Everyone keeps calling Susan Williams Oliver’s girlfriend. He doesn’t like it, but he’s probably going to end up involved with her in some way.

So It Begins is the first episode in a while where I was fully engaged in it. The flashbacks haven’t been as interesting to me and they go over a lot of the same themes but in different ways, and it’s easy to just glaze over a little. But not here. I think it’s in part because this wasn’t as action heavy as some of the other recent episodes have been. There’s more focus on character development and interactions. I love Oliver questioning if he’s still the man he used to be. The B Team calling Oliver out on seemingly hypocritical behavior, and then later getting together to talk about it shows how the team is coming together. And they’re right. Oliver has been separating all of them into A team and B team. It’s good to see that acknowledged.

However, once again, the writers don’t know what to do with their females. Felicity is always going to be Felicity, but Evelyn deserves more. She gets a little bit more face time, but she basically pulls a Laurel. She’s hurt and angry at Oliver for holding back information, in this case his past and Prometheus, and goes rogue. It nearly kills her and Oliver has to save her. Then she’s all understanding when he apologizes. Sound familiar? She really is taking over the Black Canary legacy of being treated as nothing. It’s boring. It’s been done. I know they’ve expanded the team, but it’s time Evelyn was given more to do than just be there. Everyone has gotten their story, now it’s time to actually develop her.

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