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This week, Blindspot switches up the storytelling, by starting the story in the middle. And the middle is Reade, Zapata, and Nas on a stakeout gone wrong, Jane and Weller are missing, and our favorite, not-so-favorite US Attorney, Mathew Weitz wondering what happened.

It all started when Patterson came to the team with an update on an old case. Do you remember the team first learned about Rich Dotcom through an online puppy forum? Patterson has been keeping tabs on it. She used the team as criminals for hire and hoped someone would take the bait. It finally happened. Jane and Weller are hired. Nas wants to concentrate on Sandstorm, but Patterson tailored the profiles specifically to Jane and Weller, so it has to be them.

Jane and Weller are dropped off at a warehouse in Queens, where they meet their team. It consists of Lynn Burton, Clive Doyle, and the ringleader, Emile. They are going to infiltrate a Green Energy Summit being held between the US and China and steal an item. The man paying for the crew is Nico Marconi, an arms dealer and the FBI’s 8th Most Wanted.

They get into the Summit, disguised as the waitstaff, but after assembling their weaponry, they change to look as though they are attendees, then split up. Doyle goes joins Weller and Jane, as they look for the item in a safe, but it’s a ruse. The item is on a weighted alarm and goes off when Doyle tries to pick up. They’re not stealing the item, they’re the distraction for Emile and Lynn.

With Secret Service on their tail, Jane Weller, and Doyle try to escape. Doyle is knocked unconscious and left for the cops, while Jane and Weller get away. Outside, the FBI finds Lynn racing towards the van the crew had arrived in, but the van explodes and Lynn is arrested. At that is where the rest of the story begins.

Blindspot - Season 2

After Lynn and Doyle are apprehended, they are taken back to the FBI for questioning. Doyle is a low lever career criminal, and Lynn is known for cyber crimes. The assumption is she will be the one to crack first, so Weitz goes into interrogation and offers her a deal. She tells her side of the story.

Nas interrogates Doyle, who won’t talk, but Nas promises to try to get him into a prison one of his buddies is doing life in. He gives his side of the story, and it’s a doozy. It’s filled with action and improbable events, and according to him, Jane wanted Doyle and he saved Weller and Jane from all the guards. Somewhere in both his and Lynn’s stories is the truth.

Doyle mentions a black Cadillac helping the crew escape. Patterson is able to track the general direction of the Caddy, and it takes them to a shutdown park. They search for an hour or so, when someone comes out of the woods. It’s Jane! She’s unhurt and alone. Weller is nowhere to be seen.

They take Jane back to headquarters and get her side of the story. It’s very similar, but with key differences. Lynn said she was the last to arrive. She was the first. Lynn also knew Marconi, but pretended not to. Jane and Weller secretly disabled all the weapons, and when they were changing into their attendee attire, Jane distracted Doyle while Weller sent a coded message out. They had both decided to stay under to get a shot at Marconi, which is why Weller never activated his tracker. And when you take out the obvious posturing from Doyle’s account, his version is fairly accurate to Jane’s. With the exception of Weller being the one to render Doyle unconscious.


Jane and Weller get to the Cadillac and are taken to the park’s waterfront. There they find out it was not an item that was stolen, but a person. Dr. Mingxia Chen, the head of R&D and the mastermind behind China’s creation of a tsunami bomb. It is believed the first successful test of the bomb has occurred and Marconi has kidnapped the only person who knows how to create it. Not only has this become a hostage situation, but it also proves Lynn is still lying.

But before we get to her, let’s finish up with Jane’s story. Jane and Weller are given their cut of the money, but once they see a person is involved, they decide one of them is going to follow them yacht. Weller wants to, but Jane believes she’s the more practical choice, because she has no one who will miss her, while Weller has a baby on the way, family, friends, and the whole works. Weller agrees, but hears a guard near them. They split up to take out the guard, but when Jane gets into position, she sees no guard. Weller tricked her and is now on the yacht. Jane burns their cut and runs.

Back to Lynn. Once again, she’s confronted with her lies. She claims she didn’t want a kidnapping charge tacked on. Patterson enters the room. During her initial interrogation, Lynn said the crew’s money would be wired to them, but Jane and Weller were paid in cash. Lynn slipped up and Patterson caught it. The van Lynn was running to contained Lynn’s hard drive, which included how her transactions are. Lynn didn’t work for Emile. She worked for Marconi, and because of how she set everything up, she continues to get paid as long as the deal for Chen goes through. This time, Lynn sings. Because of how special Dr. Chen is, she’s being put up for auction.


The auction site goes live, and there we find out it’s not just Dr. Chen up for auction. Weller is being offered up as a bonus. Lynn can’t shut down the site. She created it so upon giving it to Marconi, he controls everything. They can’t trace it, because it will take too long. Reade suggests they win the auction. Weitz, who has been relatively quiet for most of this, says no. Nas agrees and sends Jane to look at possible yachts with him.

You didn’t think Nas was really going to sit down and do nothing, did you? Of course not. Using Lynn’s seized money, Nas wins the auction and gets the coordinates to pick up Weller and Chen. She gives them to Jane, who instructs Weitz to send backup. At first, he’s resistant, but after Jane points out he’ll get the credit, he gives in.

Meanwhile, at the cabin Weller and Chen are being held, Weller discovers Emile is really Marconi. This gives him even more incentive to try to break free. He enlists Chen’s help, and when the guards come in, she fakes a seizure, while Weller breaks out of his restraints and attacks. They make it out of the cabin.

Reade, Zapata, and Nas arrive to pick up their merchandise. They insist on seeing the goods. That’s when it’s discovered Weller and Chen are free, and someone figures out Nas, Reade, and Zapata are cops. Gunfire breaks out. Nas tries to go hand-to-hand with one of the guards, but is overpowered. She’s close to being choked out, but Jane and back up arrive with an assist. They go in search of Weller, who is looking for Marconi. Weller finds Marconi, and he, Nas, and Jane surround him, and arrest him. I guess #9 on the list is now #8.

They return to the FBI to an extremely upset Weitz. He is ready to declare war on Nas. She’s more than willing to take him on. She’s not afraid of him.

During all of this, Zapata confesses to Reade about the knife she took. He’s not happy with her, and finding out the knife belongs to Freddy makes it even worse. Zapata needs to return the knife, otherwise she’ll be found out. They decide to get someone else to do it. They find a guy who has been in trouble with misplacing evidence before and plant it on him, knowing the guy would be more inclined to just return it than tell the truth. Zapata places the knife, and later, at the Baby Weller Gender Reveal party, Reade thanks her for having his back, even when she thought he was a killer. Reade sneaks out of the party to find Freddy and get him a ticket out of town before he’s linked to the knife. He feels guilty for bringing Freddy back into this mess.

gender reveal

Speaking of the Gender Reveal party, earlier in the day, Patterson starts talking about the party. She’s making the cake. Except Jane wasn’t invited to it. Anyone can see she’s hurt, but she just says it’s ok and she understands. This is part of what drove her desire to be the one who gets on the yacht. After everything, Weller asks Jane to come to the party. She was wrong, and he can admit it. She’s his friend and he would miss her, and he wants her at the party. She agrees. The party is small but fun. Patterson and Dr. Borden are there as a couple. Weller spills a drink on himself and while he’s in his room cleaning up, Nas comes in to help and they talk. It would seem Nas really does have feelings for Weller. They’re interrupted because it’s time to cut the cake. Ali bets Weller it’ll be a boy, but boy, is she wrong. They’re having a baby girl! Yay!

We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters ends with Jane heading into her apartment, and Roman appearing. He seems a little unhinged. He’s still thinking of the note he received about Jane. He tells her he thinks they’re better when they’re together, and he wants her with him for Phase Two, which is going to happen… now.

I’ve covered all the good stuff, so no other points of interest. This was one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever seen. Doyle was just the lighthearted weirdness we needed, and seeing Weller act all vulnerable and insecure is hilarious. Jane’s sexy waitress outfit is perfect for Halloween, if you like that stuff. It’s just a lot of fun.

It’s nice to have Weitz back playing the antagonist, but while I like seeing Nas go against him, I don’t want this to be a repeat of the Mayfair storyline. And I don’t know if I buy Nas having genuine feelings for Weller, but it’ll be good to see it play out. Personal theory is she’s making nice with everyone, and then there will be a betrayal. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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