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We’ve arrived at the fall finale of Blindspot. After this episode, nothing will ever be the same.

Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform begins with Jane being taken to the compound as different route. Roman notices Jane is a little anxious, but she blames it on the bag kept over her head. Roman tells her the route change didn’t matter because after she was never going back to the FBI.

He takes Jane to their old room and leaves Jane to check on something. Jane runs to the old hiding place and pulls out a cell phone. Roman returns and brings her to Shepherd. Jane sees Shepherd putting maps and other stuff away in a filing cabinet and locking it up. She and Roman are called away.

Jane breaks into the filing cabinet and using the outdated flip phone, takes photos of the maps and blueprints, and sends them to Patterson. The connection is slow and lousy (you’d think they were using dial-up at the compound). It’s so bad, Jane calls Weller to let him know what’s happening.

Weller and Nas had arrived at the FBI together, but try to be covert. They’re not fooling anyone. Zapata tries to gossip with Reade about it, but he feigns ignorance. Zapata also comments on how Freddy seems to have disappeared, but Reade just brushes it off as a troubled guy like Freddy is the kid to just disappear. Before they can talk more, Weller comes out with Jane on the phone. He gathers the team.


Patterson joins them. She had a wonderful morning with Dr. Borden, who made her breakfast in bed and professed super happy emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time. You can already guess something is going to be up, but what? We’ll get to that later. Right now, Patterson is deciphering what the photos mean. She determines Sandstorm is planning on permanently blowing up the power grid, effectively sending the country back to the Dark Ages.

Using details Jane provided, Patterson is able to locate the compound. Teams are assembled and everyone gears up. Patterson passes Dr. Borden, but can’t tell him what’s going on. It’s classified. They’re getting ready to head out when Weller gets a call from the hospital. It’s Conor, Alli’s boyfriend. She’s been in a car accident and things look bad. He suggests Weller gets to the hospital ASAP to help make certain decisions. He leaves, and the rest head on to the compound.

Meanwhile, after she gave Patterson all the intel she could, Jane stayed at the open filing cabinet, and when Shepherd came back, asking what she was doing, Jane maintained cover and demanded to know what was happening. Shepherd apologized for not trusting Jane and agreed to tell her. A little later, Roman and Jane talk. Jane gives Roman back the coin, and Roman gives Jane a piece of gum. It’s the same gum that came from the wrapper she had given him when he lost the coin. Jane remarks the gum tastes awful. Roman seems to like his. Then Jane gags. The gum is drugged.

Jane awakens to being tied to a chair in the hangar. Shepherd knows Jane is not with them and it’s all been a lie. Shepherd has suspected Jane for a while, ever since she claimed Cade killed Oscar for Marcos, because Marcos was really spelled “Markos” and Cade knew that. However, while she was suspicious, she wasn’t certain until she as informed Jane had tried to upload the chip’s information to Patterson. Their other mole informed them not only of Jane’s actions, but also of her changing psychology. That’s right. The mole is Dr. Robert Borden.

shepherd roman

We pause now for a little back story. Borden had told Patterson he had worked with Doctors Without Borders, and it was true. What he failed to leave out was he had been in the area when Jane was with Orion. He also left out his being married to the woman who found Jane and insisted they nurse her back to health.

Borden had been skeptical about taking care of Jane, but she was badly wounded. His wife, Chris, wouldn’t back down and won that argument. Jane never talked about why she was there, but she healed and became close with them. One day, some Americans came by asking about an insurgent and carrying a picture of Jane. Jane hides while Borden and Chris get the men out of their home.

Later, Jane and Borden go hiking. Borden jokingly calls Jane “granddad,” but she surprised Borden by moving ahead of him, and tries to say goodbye. She appreciates all they did for her, but she needs to move on. Before any explanations could be given or not given, Jane and Borden hear explosions. They turn around and see the village has been bombed. Borden is desperate to go back and look for Chris, but Jane prevents him from going. He’ll die if he goes back.

Borden is confused and grieving and doesn’t understand. He thinks there must be something very wrong. Jane agrees and explains who she is and her involvement with Orion. She had thought she was fighting the good fight, but learned it was more about money and power. She believes the US has lost its mind and needs to change. In his heightened state, Borden agrees to join her in the fight.

Fast forward back to the present – The FBI has arrived at the compound but their communications are being jammed. They decide to proceed anyway. Simultaneously, Weller arrives at the hospital, only to find out Alli is not there and is safe at home, and Jane is being shown live footage of the FBI at the compound. Everything has been a trap. Phase two is not actually ready, Shepherd and Roman allowed Jane to steal to phone and take the photos, and they called Weller away because they have other plans for him. Now, Jane gets to watch her chosen side be wiped out.

Kurt hospital

Nas and Reade split with Zapata to check out a lower lever of the compound. Zapata takes the house. Eventually, Patterson, having spoken to Weller, tries to tell them it’s a trap. They can’t make out her words, but Nas is smart enough to know the communication was let through, and IT’S A TRAP! People start running, but explosives go off.

Jane is horrified by this, but there’s nothing she can do. Now, it’s time for her to die, but Shepherd wants Roman to kill Jane. She senses his conflict and it’s time for him to choose a side and kill his rabbit. Jane and Shepherd both pull at him, begging to either kill or not kill, he breaks, and shoots at Shepherd, but the gun is unloaded. Shepherd has lost both of her children. She goes to shoot Jane, but Roman bum rushes her, knocking her down. Jane uses this opportunity to break out of the chair and her restraints. Soon, both Roman and Jane are fighting Shepherd, together. Shepherd wounds Roman, but he gets the gun and puts a bullet in her arm. He’s ready to kill her, but Jane gets him out of there before anyone else comes.

Roman refuses to go to the hospital and prefers to go to a medical safe house. Jane’s against it at first, but acquiesces. It turns out this safe house is where Jane received her tattoos. Roman is beside himself. He doesn’t know what to do. Part of him wishes he had killed Jane. Jane tells him they’re family and she wants him to get the second chance she did. So, she stabs him with a needle and gives him a dose of the same drugs used to wipe her memory. Roman passes out.

Back at the compound, Weller arrives to the rubble. He’s calling out names. He spots one random survivor, gets him to safety, and spots several casualties. He finds Zapata. She’s bleeding, but other than very dazed, seems to be all right. She doesn’t know about Reade or Nas.

Nas and Reade are trapped below. She’s more or less ok, but Reade is pinned and fading. Nas apologizes for getting them into this mess, but Reade finally owns up and admits he’s been in this since Jane came out of her bag. Nas uses a pipe to tap on a beam. Just when things look their bleakest, Weller and Zapata, having felt the vibrations on the beam, come to the rescue. Weller and Nas are able to get Reade onto a stretcher and get him out, but there’s a small cave-in and Nas gets trapped. Weller goes back for her, but he has to move fast because with all the sparks happening around them, the gas in the area is ripe for an explosion. Weller gets Nas out just in time.

Everyone is taken to the hospital. Zapata is stricken by Reade’s condition. He’s lost a lot of blood and will need surgery. Reade regains consciousness, and seeing Zapata by his side causes him to start crying. He tells her he loves her and confesses to what really happened to Coach Jones. He didn’t kill him, but he didn’t help either. He found Jones still alive, but watched him bleed out. He’s so sorry. Zapata is hurt, but that’s not what’s important right now. They might deal with it eventually, but now, it’s all about the BFF love.


While the team is at the hospital and Jane is on the run, Patterson goes to check on Borden. She had tried calling him earlier, but he wasn’t there. She heads to his home, and I guess the door is either unlocked or she has access to a key, because she lets herself in and finds Borden packing and wearing a wedding ring, identical to the one Jane had described for her. Patterson realized Borden is a mole and believes he used her. He tries to tell her differently, but she’s ready to arrest him. He gets past her and they play hide-and-seek in his darkened house. Borden gets the drop on her, but she quickly recovers. Shots are fired and miss. Eventually, they fight hand-to-hand and they both reach for the gun. The gun goes off. And we’ll find out who was shot when Blindspot returns January 4th.

Talk about a cliffhanger. If Patterson dies or is seriously injured, the show will lose one of its brightest cast members, but it might open up some stories for how the team responds to Borden on the run. Borden does seem conflicted and as though he genuinely cares for Patterson, but you never know. If Borden dies, we just get to deal with the aftermath of his betrayal and Patterson gets to never trust love again. Not sure how I feel about that.

Speaking of Borden, it’s always the underdeveloped characters who are the bad guy. What’s up with that? His back story is compelling, but I hate how he was the most obvious choice. I wish we had been given more time to invest in him and care about him more, so his betrayal would destroy the audience.

Shepherd survives, which means Sandstorm will keep moving ahead with Phase Two, and she’ll probably continue to search for Jane and Roman, but I wonder who Roman will be when he comes to. Will he eventually regain his memories like Jane? Will Jane manipulate him or truly try to help him? Will Roman be even worse and more of a killer because without his memories, he has nothing holding him back? How bad are Reade’s injuries? How much time will have passed when Blindspot returns? It’ll be about six weeks before we get any answers. Until then, it’s fun to speculate.

Did the Blindspot’s fall finale meet your expectations?

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