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Comedian, actor, and creator Brett Gelman left Adult Swim this week citing network’s BS policy for not hiring women.

Adult Swim was under some heat earlier this year when it was discovered that none of their 47 announced projects included women creators, not even co-creators. Buzzfeed dug a little deeper and found that this is is nothing new for the prime time to late-night network. According to the available creator credits in their findings, only one out of 34 went to women. In the entire 15 years that Adult Swim has been on air….

Adult Swim executive Mike Lazzo attempted to explain the gap on Reddit, but he never actually apologizes.

What I actually said was-women don’t tend to like conflict, comedy often comes from conflict, so that’s probably why we (or others) have so few female projects. Nonetheless this was a dumb answer to a good question as Lucille Ball and Gilda Rather to Amy Poelher and Amy Schumer prove my statement a load of generalized nonsense.

I have always been very accessible to every person at work because I personally benefited from working at a company that allowed anyone, from any position, to pitch an idea-as long as the person was prepared to back up their ambition by doing any work required to justify the time or expense. If unnamed sources want to complain, complain about me after I’ve read the script you asked me to read or tossed you out of my office for pitching something I didn’t like. If you did come to me I bet I offered some decent suggestions on how to accomplish whatever you wanted to do.

Women don’t like conflict, Lazzo? Have you not paid attention even ONCE to the girly clicks during middle school through high school? Do you not even accidentally watch soap operas or “reality” TV shows starring a bunch of housewives? Women LIVE for conflict. You just don’t want ladies to wreck your boys club made up of dick and fart jokes. Menstruation and queef jokes are just too high-brow.

Gelman smelled the bullshit too and has resolved to leave. A second reason for his leaving is Adult Swim’s support and promotion of Million Dollar Extreme, a new series that has attracted an alt-right and white supremacist fan base. He definitely doesn’t mince words in his announcement on Twitter:


Source: AV Club

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