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It’s been confirmed that Cyborg Superman is indeed coming to Supergirl. This week, in fact, and a year later than everyone thought. You can see him kicking the crap out of the Girl of Steel in the video below.

Allow me to explain. During the first half of Supergirl Season 1, everyone thought Hank Henshaw was Cyborg Superman as soon as his eyes started glowing. After all, Cyborg Supermans name in the comics is Hank Henshaw. However, the writers pulled a bait and switch, revealing that the Hank we know and love is really Martian Manhunter disguised as the director of the DEO.

Now it seems that there is another Hank Henshaw running around National City, but is it the original Hank whose identity was technically stolen by the Martian Manhunter? Or does someone have it out for J’onn/Hank?

Find out tonight at 8:00pm EST on the CW!

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