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If you thought Jerome was gone for good, you were wrong.

A new promo for Gotham’s midseason premiere has been released and it heavily features Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan, and it more than hints of his return. Although the promo features a lot of footage from Season 2, we see a shadowy figure walking that indicates that, just maybe, he has been revived. Regardless, the show is promoting that he is back this January and he is fully ready to add to the chaos filled bubble that is taking over Gotham’s Mad City.

It still hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not Jerome will be our actual Joker character. Many characters in the Gotham series reflect many characteristics of the infamous DC villain, but none have openly proclaimed themselves to be the Joker. Of the chracters, Jerome is the closest to what we have to the Joker. Honestly, though, anything is better than Jared Leto’s Joker.

One thing that I am wondering is how much of Jerome we will get in this season. Is he just making a guest appearance? Has he been revived? Will he finish out the season and, hopefully, transition and take on the Joker persona in its fullest capacity? These are just a couple of the things I’m wondering and am curious to know if you guys are wondering about them too.

An official release date for Season 3’s 12th episode hasn’t been revealed yet, but definitely expect Jerome back in January. Make sure you check out the promo below and let us know your thoughts.

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