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A lot of us are shocked right now. We didn’t expect this. This shouldn’t have happened. But it has: The United States of America has voted Donald Trump for president. Many have expressed anger, resentment, and outright fear at this outcome. How could we elect a man who has openly admitted to and bragged about sexual assault? A man who’s bigotry crosses racial boundaries, religious barriers, to say nothing of gender and its growing complexities. A man who espouses every shred of basic human decency for the sake of his own ego and power.

Who shall we turn to in this time of sorrow and despair. Who will help us when we can barely find the will to get up in the morning.

We will turn to our small heroes, and we must recognize them when we can.

Enter a young man by the name of Ford Fanter. Hailing from the midwestern metropolis of St. Louis, Missouri, Fanter, an actor and comedian, was dumbstruck by the election results. In the aftermath he felt beaten and downtrodden. But today, the day after the election, he decided to do something. He decided to set an example. He decided to be a cause for good. He became…


If you need anything at all today, please don't hesitate to contact me, I will do whatever is in my power to help! For I, am Hu-Man! Protector of dignity, champion of justice! Friend to all Hu-Man and Hu-Womankind! If you are in dire need of help, send a distress signal to my inbox.

If you need anything at all today, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will do whatever is in my power to help! For I, am Hu-Man! Protector of dignity, champion of justice! Friend to all Hu-Man and Hu-Womankind! If you are in dire need of help, send a distress signal to my inbox.

With his awesome powers of Hu-Man Empathy, Fanter set out into the community to help in whatever small way he could. Starting with friends and family before reaching out to anyone else he crossed paths. We managed to sit down with Fanter towards the end of his long day and get a glimpse of his experience.

LegionOfLeia: Can you talk about your mindset the night of the election?

Fanter: During the actual night of the election, I tried to put it out of my head.  I was trying to close my eyes and not actually watch the train crash, but I kept peeking. My first emotions were confusion, and disbelief, coupled with an anxiety and restlessness.

LoL: Long night?

Fanter: I hung out with a friend and played cards. Once he left, being alone was where everything sank in. My first thought was to check my bank account to see if I had enough in checking to go buy a gun and shoot myself.

LoL: Please be joking

Fanter: I honestly considered, for a brief moment, that my best course of action would be to kill myself.


LoL: What turned that into committing your day to helping people?

Fanter: I couldn’t help but think of someone in Syria, whose conditions are a thousand times worse than mine, but many still stand up for what they believe in. I thought about it. Ive been aimlessly trying to find a purpose in life, and seeing everyone I know and care about be drained of all the hope they had, to be legitimately fearful of what their future might entail, it dawned on me how much power i actually had.

LoL: Where did the Hu-Man superhero idea come from?

Fanter: I figured, the world needs a hero, why not me? I have time, I have the energy, I can be a real life hero to people who need it.  But I wanted this hero to be something that stands for human dignity, especially for those who have been disenfranchised, Women, People of Color, LGBTQ+.  The hero needed to be something that can be accessible to all human kind. And I thought, what can I do? I can’t fight crime.  And since I am a white straight man, I come from the most privileged demographic possible. And so I figured, the most powerful thing that Hu-Man can do, is simply serve his fellow man

LoL: Does Hu-Man have a secret identity?

Fanter: No secret identity, I’m not sure that the anonymity would have any positive or negative effects though.

LoL: So you started helping out where you could. What are some of the things you did all day?

Fanter: Mostly, people just reached out for hugs.  I think most of them thought I was joking.  But to me, what a superhero does is go above and beyond the expectations.  With the aid of my trusty sidekick, (Leo Ramsey, aka Gaurdian Angel) we brought my friend, who is a teacher, a coffee drink to help her handle her day at school, we also went to help a friend hang up a punching bag, after that we trekked around the city and county, meeting with people who had asked for hugs.  We hugged them and spent some time visiting with them.

LoL: How was the response in you inbox and on your phone?

Fanter: I had hundreds of FB notifications all day, fewer people reached out that you might think, but all together I would say we pulled about 5 or 6 appointments.  The response on the public forum has been very positive.  It was heart warming to see people say things like “thats what I needed”.  To inspire hope in people, that was the entire goal.

LoL: Do you see yourself doing this again on other days that you find yourself with free time?

Fanter: I would very much like to continue to develop Hu-Man into a philanthropic endeavor.  The idea first came to me when I watched the riots of Furguson happen.  As a St. Louis native, living in the city at the time of such turmoil, I felt so disheartened, and said “if only a super hero really existed” and then I thought “f#@$ it, why can’t one exist?”

LoL: Any plans to sell the movie rights?

Fanter: Hu-Man is something I want to keep separate from my career.  The idea is to serve, to give to those in need.  That will be Hu-Man’s only purpose.


Please be sure to reach out to people in the days, weeks, months, and indeed years to come. We’ll always need a reminder, however little, that good can still be done.


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