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Credit: Paramount Pictures

Credit: Paramount Pictures

You can’t have a Star Trek series without Klingons. You really can’t. Today it was announced that three new cast members would be joining the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, and Mary Chieffo are all set to play Klingons in the new series. The specifics behind the characters are revealed below:

Obi will play T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader seeking to unite the Klingon houses. Latif will play Kol, commanding officer of the Klingons and protégé of T’Kuvma. Chieffo will play L’Rell, the battle deck commander of the Klingon ship.

via Variety

Obi, Latif, and Chieffo will be joining fellow cast members Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Michelle Yeoh. Despite past production delays, which I briefly covered when discussing the casting of Jones and Rapp here, new casting news means we are getting closer to filming and production. This means we will be closer to getting more Star Trek goodness in our life! Yay!

CBS is set to debut Star Trek: Discovery in May 2017. This will be the first show on the network and then on their exclusive streaming platform, CBS All Access.

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