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Welcome back and Happy New Year! Hope you’ve recovered nicely because Blindspot has returned, and it’s not pulling any punches.

The fall finale left us wondering the fates of Reade and Patterson and how Roman will take to having his memory erased.Thank goodness the writers waste no time giving us those answers.

Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron opens with Patterson. Did you think she was the one who got shot? If you did, you were right. Borden shot her, but immediately felt bad about it. Patterson tries to get away from him, but she passes out.

Roman wakes up in a car with Jane driving. He has no clue who he is. Jane tries to reassure him. Tells him she’s his sister, but all Roman can determine is he’s been shot, and Jane has a gun. He concludes she must have shot him. She swears she didn’t, but Roman doesn’t believe her, and while she’s driving, he attacks her. After she almost drives into a truck, Roman decides he’s had enough. He opens the door and rolls out. Jane stops the car, tries to reason with him, but Roman doesn’t want to listen. They fight, and Roman overpowers her. He takes the car and leaves Jane in the middle of wherever they are.

Over at the FBI, Nas is consumed with guilt over the botched job at the compound, but Weller reminds her it wasn’t her fault. She had no way of knowing it was a trap. Now they needed to figure out Sandstorm’s next move, what they want with Weller, and where is Jane? Zapata questions Jane’s loyalty and wonders if she went back to Sandstorm, but Weller is adamant Jane is on their side. They leave to find her, but they don’t have to go very far, because a couple of security guards bring a handcuffed Jane into the area. Jane wants to know what happened to the team, and Weller wants her out of those cuffs. Jane apologizes profusely, fills them in on Roman’s memory loss, and asks for Patterson. No one has seen her. They know she went to Borden’s place to check on him. Jane exposes Borden for the Sandstorm operative he is. The search for Patterson is on!

Jane believes the best way to find Patterson is through Roman. With her memory wipe, she started remembering things almost immediately and believes that could happen to him too, but they need to find. They try tracking his phone, but he doesn’t pick up. Patterson’s blood is confirmed at Borden’s place, an APB is put out on his car, and lo and behold, after they receive that information, Roman decides to finally answer his phone.

He’s scared and confused. Jane convinces him she’s his sister by telling him about the coin and how it’s in his pocket. Roman begins to trust her a little bit. He’s by a diner and is willing to wait for Jane to find him.

At the diner, Roman plays with the coin, wondering about it, and a little girl comes up to him, and asks if he’s a pirate. He doesn’t know. She likes him. Roman asks if he knows her. She says yes; she’s a pirate too. She skedaddles away, and his waitress, her mom, comes over to check on him.

As they talk, Roman notices a group of men in hunting gear come in. His spidey sense tingles, because he tells the waitress to get her daughter and get out. She bolts. A man approaches Roman, says he’s there to take him to his sister, but Roman doesn’t really believe him. And with good reason, because this guy is working for Sandstorm. They intercepted his call to Jane. That’s how they knew his location.

And this is where things get a little (a lot) ugly. Roman doesn’t want to go with this guy, and so an all-out brawl/gun fight ensues. Roman is doing a good job of taking down the men, but eventually you can see he’s going to need a little help. Luckily, help arrives in the form of Jane and Weller. They help even the odds out, and everything ends with Roman sticking a fork in the guy who had approached him.

Things are a little tense at that point. Roman is restrained and placed in interrogation. Jane doesn’t like that. She wants Roman to trust her. They agree she can take the cuffs off and tell him most of the truth, but they don’t want her to tell him she was the one who erased his memory. This doesn’t sit well with Jane, but she understands their reasoning. She hated the people who did that to her.

She talks to Roman, explains who she is, why she understands what he’s going through, and tells him their mother did this to him. He’s still confused but agrees to help. Nas hooks Roman up to the MRI lie detector and shows him some pictures. He doesn’t remember Patterson or Shepherd, but says he recognizes Borden. Nas leaves the room, and we find out Roman was lying. He’s trying to be helpful, but he doesn’t remember a thing.

Meanwhile, Zapata, who hated the idea of helping Roman and using him to help, has been doing real investigative work. She took the phone of the forked Sandstorm operative, and went through it. She found a text in code. She needs help cracking it. There’s also a photo of Borden’s place. It’s a table with a few books on it. Nas recognizes the book as one Shepherd has. She thinks they might be related.

Nas runs the code through her database, using the book as the cypher, and is able to extract the location of an auto shop in Queens. They get ready to go there, but are stopped by FBI Director Pellington. The joint task force between the NSA and FBI has been disbanded and Nas needs to get off premises asap. Weller objects, but Pellington puts his foot down. Nas understands and tells Weller to go find Patterson.

They bring in the woman who owns the auto shop. She’s not connected to Sandstorm but she provides getaway cars. She did give one to Borden. She describes it, and Zapata is able to find it through traffic cams. The car is located in a nature preserve. Weller, Jane, and Zapata head out.

But what about Patterson? Patterson wakes up to find out Borden had stitched up her wound. He’s cleaning up and has his back to her, so she tries to sneak out, but Shepherd arrives and puts an end to those plans.

Shepherd wants to kill Patterson, but Borden doesn’t. He believes she might have information useful to them. Shepherd agrees to try and extract whatever she can from Patterson. This means torture.

While Shepherd is dealing with Roman’s call to Jane, Borden ties Patterson to the table and tries to explain and justify what he’s doing. He talks about his dead wife and how Patterson is on the wrong side. Shepherd returns, and it’s time to “talk” to Patterson.

Patterson refuses to talk, so Shepherd perforates her eardrum. Repeatedly. When that doesn’t work, she moves to cut off one of Patterson’s fingers, but Borden stops her. Then she’s interrupted with the news her men lost Roman.

Borden disappears for a little bit, leaving Shepherd and Patterson to have a moment alone. Patterson says she should be killed because she won’t talk. She also points out that Shepherd’s lost Jane, and Roman, and will lose Borden, and everyone will leave her. Shepherd’s response is a pipe to Patterson’s jaw, knocking her out.

Eventually, Shepherd decides Patterson is a lost cause and wants her dead. Borden insists he does it. He wants her death to be humane. Shepherd doubts he’ll do it, but she lets him try and leaves.

Borden’s way to kill Patterson is through lethal injection. Patterson begs him not to do this. She knows his wife wouldn’t want him to, and she also knows a part of him genuinely loves her. Borden agrees, but what’s done is done, and he needs to kill her.

But as luck would have it, they’re interrupted by an explosion. Jane, Weller, and Zapata have arrived, but they drove over a landmine and it blew up. Borden realizes immediately what’s about to happen, so he grabs Patterson’s hand, gives it a squeeze, says goodbye, and flees.

Jane and Zapata go to help Patterson while Weller chases Borden. He catches him and they fight. For a mild mannered doctor, Borden has a few moves. He’s tricky and smart. When Weller tries to handcuff him, he’s able to get away and get the handcuff around Weller’s leg. He also gets a gun on Weller but won’t kill him. Not yet. It’s not his time, so Borden just runs away.

Zapata, Jane, and Weller return to the FBI to find Pellington ushering Roman out in cuffs. He’s to be transferred to a CIA Black Site. Jane strenuously objects, but it’s Weller threatening to walk that gets Pellington’s attention. Weller wants Roman freed and Nas reinstated. Pellington agrees but now everything is on Weller’s shoulders.

Roman is placed in a cell. Jane brings him some food, and give him the coin back.She tries to be as comforting as possible, but it’s hard. She leaves, and later that night, Roman’s memories begin to surface. He remembers being in a cell in the orphanage and being scared.

Zapata checks in on Reade. She had been at the hospital, while he was recovering from his surgery, and now she’s trying to help him at home. He kisses her. She shuts him down. Things become awkward, and she leaves, but hey, at least Reade is alive and will be able to come back to work.

Borden meets back up with Shepherd. They now have to make some changes to Phase Two because of Roman. Shepherd also wants to keep the Weller card on the table until the end.

Patterson is taken to the hospital. Weller visits her and finds her working the case. She thinks he’s going to yell at her but he’s not. He’s brought her flowers. She shows him what she uncovered. Using information given to her by Jane and then by Borden, she is able to find out Borden’s real name – Nigel Thornton. She wants to keep working on this. Weller lets her and gives her something else.

Nas has a person inside Sandstorm. She doesn’t know who, but she was able to get his phone. Patterson cracks is and inside is a file. They open it and it’s a preliminary design of Jane’s tattoos. There’s one on her neck which does not appear to have made the final cut. Why was it left off of Jane?

And there you have. What a way to return. Is anyone else a little disappointed Borden’s name turned out to be Nigel? It would be funny if it turned out Nas’ inside person was Borden, but I doubt it. Do you think we’ve met Nas’ person already?

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