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Carrie Fisher was known for having a kind of morbid sense of humor. It’s part of what we loved about her. She once wrote that she wanted her obituary to read that she had “drowned in  moonlight, strangled by [her] own bra.” Fisher also had some very specific thoughts about how she wanted to be remembered at the Academy Awards, and it involves Harrison Ford.

In an interview with the hosts of Rebel Force Radio, Fisher revealed that she wanted her former Star Wars co-star to sing “Melancholy Wookiee” at her tribute during the In Memoriam at the Oscars:

Jimmy McInerney, one of the Rebel Force Radio hosts interviewing her, hopes that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is listening. “That’s what she’s asking for. You can say she’s being flippant and silly, but that’s what she said she wants,” McInerney said. “We’re looking to create a movement here.”

ABC News reached out to the Academy. A spokesperson says that “as far as we know” Fisher will “most likely” be included in the In Memoriam segment of the show. At this time, however, there are no plans for a separate tribute.

If you listen to the interview, it’s almost certain that Fisher was joking, especially since “Melancholy Wookiee” isn’t a real song (right?). But now that the idea is out there, how can one not take her up on that offer? I think we can all agree that we need this in our lives whether Ford can sing or not.

The 89th Academy Awards air on ABC on February 26, 2017, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Source: ABC News

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