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A new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender is fast approaching, but Netflix and executive producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery still have a little surprise for fans of the show. Released today, the Season Two trailer (below) promises new enemies and at least one new ally.

Season One ended with a crushing defeat for our heroes, who were fighting against the big bad Zarkon, and were scattered across the galaxy. In the trailer below, our heroes do eventually find each other again, but so does new trouble.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Montgomery let’s us in on what to expect for our heroes at the beginning of Season Two:

Each team member has to start the season dealing with their own problems. They’ve all been split off. We’re going to spend a little bit of time tackling problems on their own, but ultimately they do have to come back together in the end. They have to get back into solving the problem at hand,which is Zarkon has enslaved a large portion of the universe. You can’t let that just keep going for too long.

Montgomery and De Santos also say that there are two big character arcs coming up for Shiro and Princess Allura respectively. The trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con seemed to be very ominous about Shiro’s possible fate. “Don’t think he’s going to show up in the first episode of the new season as a tombstone,” said De Sants, “But yes, the events of the previous season have definitely left their mark.”

Allura will be “dealing with a lot of anger and frustration and loss at having lost her entire planet and her family to Zarkon,” said Montgomery. De Santos continues by saying that a lot of her buttons will get pushed this season. “She could do good or bad.”

As for the new players on the field, Montgomery said that Zarkon will still be the main villain, but that doesn’t there aren’t others who want to take out our heroes. “It’s not always coming directly from the Galra. Sometimes it’s just a threat to people that need to be helped.” As for allies, the Paladins have realized that they can’t fight Zarkon again by themselves. They need help. But who’s willing to stand up against a guy who is, at this point, an evil overlord of the galaxy?

“It’s an expansion of the universe,” said De Santos, “and it’s really where Legendary Defender starts distinguishing itself from some of the previous versions. There’s just more out there. The world just keeps getting bigger.”

Season Two of Voltron: Legendary Defender premieres Friday, January 20, 2017 on Netflix.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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