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Starting right after last week’s episode ended, it’s interesting to see the flip the brothers have made since the beginning of the show. Stefan is reveling in his blood addiction again and giving way less care towards his brother, and Damon is trying to regain something he has had taken from him.

It’s all a great way to see the brothers for who they really are deep down. Also, in a twist that recalls the first season, both Salvatores are called back to Mystic Falls by Sybil to partake in some bell finding and also a little pageant attending. Surprisingly, even with Damon little problem of trying to consciously remember Elena, Stefan thinks it’s a great idea to return to the place where Elena probably starting falling in love with Damon; Miss Mystic falls Pageant The ripper motives really don’t make sense these episode days.

The pageant isn’t the first thing we get to, though, as Seline is apparently still hanging around town and needs Caroline and Bonnie’s (ooh yeah she’s back from Paris and still adorably in love) help in tracking down the final pieces of the bell. Turns out Seline has the biggest part, and Damon has the Striker. The piece she wants to get back. Turns out she takes responsibility for some of the damage Sybil has done and she wants to help repair it. This is whether people believe her or not since she did start out this whole season playing nanny charades.

However, the fun seems to be beginning once we all get to the pageant. Sybil spends a little time playing the Elena card, aka trying to confuse more of Damon memories. His conscious mind may see Sybil, but his subconscious is fighting her off as hard as it can to get back that piece of himself that made him better. It turns out his subconscious has learned to fight her off and push her back. Guess things are about to get interesting with Damon Salvatore. It seems the necklace is his anchor, whether he remembers why it affects him or not.

Damon somewhat remembering and being reminded by Caroline that Elena was the best part of him, is what triggers Stefan and Sybil into trying to make sure he keeps working for Cade. The Ripper decides to ruin his brother, and that starts with pointing out to him how Damon betrayed him to Elena during that pageant. Sadly, most of this doesn’t help Stefan, it actually just reintroduces Elena memories.

In an even bigger turn of events, Caroline is determined to not lose Damon like it seems she is losing her fiance. She tries as hard as she can to reinforce the good of the memories Damon can barely remember. He is taken away from her by Sybil though and Sybil brings up every bad thing he’s ever done and how Elena, whether he remembers her or not, will likely not forgive him these transgressions. Sadly, this part means he caves to Sybil and turns over the striker to her.

By giving it to her he actually meant her was going to hit her over the head with it! YAY ,DAMON!

Side note: It’s interesting that Bonnie absolutely loathed every vampire the last time this pageant happened. This time she talks to Enzo about how much she loves him and how her life is different and how she would even consider turning for Enzo. However, she can’t because her life is linked to Elena.

Also another side note: Seline is day drinking with our last and now favorite student Dorian. He’s super pissed that Seline killed his friend, but she’s super happy that he’s working with Matt Donovan. Turns out Matt may have his first real role in the series, by being one of the two Maxwell family members that are the only ones allowed to ring the bell and kill a Siren. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Back at the not-quite-so-newly-wed-yet front Caroline decides that things may be turning for the worse and wants to save as many of the pageant guests as possible. However, she didn’t really anticipate her fiance’s vindictiveness and Stefan has started feeding all the Miss Mystic Falls girls his blood and threatens to turn them.

Stefan decides that he really wants to put himself first and that he really enjoys working for Cade. So he incapacitates Damon and goes off to mess with Caroline some more. Thankfully, they break up. She won’t put up with this side of him, even if she thinks she may get him back one day. In a terrifying move, Stefan does kill and turn a few of the girls, his inspiration is the creation of more servants for Cade.

Violet, one of the Miss Mystic Falls pageant girls doesn’t handle her transition very well, but Caroline is there for her (once she kicks Stefan’s arse to Cade). This is possibly one of the best Caroline moments in the show to date. Caroline Forbes the girl who transitioned differently and better than nearly everyone else. The girl who had an incredible support system, and who refused to accept vampirism as a bad thing is finally the mentor. It’s beautiful to watch her use much of her own opinion and the great she advice she got from friends to help a young girl transition. She really is turning into the amazing mother, and filling the shoes of Mrs. Forbes.

This episode may not be the strongest of the season, or even anything more than a transition, but it’s had very strong moments for its current lead characters. Including more of Bonnie and Enzo’s decisions to be together. I love how we don’t have the full history of how Enzo and Bonnie fell in love, but lacking any real love for her, their relationship is turning into one of the most surprisingly amazing moments of the final season. Also, Bonnie has been wearing a vial of Enzo’s blood this whole episode. The vial which he originally told her was to be a symbol of him, is in reality, a selfish way for her to defend herself if he couldn’t be there to protect her. AWWWWW!!!

But in one of the more surprising twists, Bonnie actually asks Enzo if he would take the cure for her, and he would. This could end up working out for everyone. For when Bonnie is ready to die, Enzo could take the cure from Elena and before passing on himself give the cure to Damon. Then Damon and Elena could live a human life together. It’s an interesting proposal and one that could change the course of all their lives.

Sadly, these amazing moments with our favorite TVD crew aren’t the last surprise of the night. Once Damon has stolen away Sybil and chained her up with the intention of torturing her as retribution for her actions against him; Sybil has one last weapon up her sleeve. She uses her siren powers to force Damon into turning his humanity back on. The flood of guilt, hatred, self-loathing and horror is where we leave Damon till next week.

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