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Need a Valentine this year? Good news! You’re just Idris Elba‘s type. No really. Thanks to his Omaze campaign, you might have a change to join the British actor for a candlelit dinner at his favorite restaurant where he and you will engage in great conversation and eat whatever your heart desires. And if sharing is your thing, you can bring a guest along.

According to the Omaze page, “Idris is a great listener. He’s also a great talker. He’s pretty much great at everything. I mean, have you seen Luther? We’re just over here pretending not to be bitter. Flights and hotel included…. Feel all the feelings that go along with being Idris’ Valentine (it won’t actually be Valentine’s Day, but Idris will make you feel like it is).”

Every entry of $10 or more benefits W.E. Can Lead, a nonprofit that helps schoolgirls in Sierra Leone become a new generation of dynamic female leaders.

W.E. Can Lead is committed to ensuring young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa. Safe spaces are created for girls to learn critical life skills, build self-esteem and defy the cultural norms that hinder them from fulfilling their full potential. W.E. Can Lead strive to empower girls to become influential leaders and decision-makers in their homes, communities and eventually, their country.

So what’ll it be? Would you like to pound Idris Elba‘s yams for a good cause?

Source: Omaze

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