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Blindspot’s favorite omnisexual has returned for some wacky hijinks, and we are all the better for it.

Rich Dotcom makes his triumphant and long-awaited return to help out on yet another case for the FBI. Patterson has figured out another tattoo. This one contains an equation whose numbers now correlate with stock market numbers. The most they can figure out is this somehow relates to lithium, which is enjoying an all-time high.

Digging a little deeper into the tattoo, Patterson learns it’s a symbol for Daedalus, a secret society at Jameson College. A list of a few members had leaked and they are all the very wealthy and powerful, and where there’s the wealthy and powerful, there is the one and only Gord Enver aka Rich Dotcom.

Much to, well, everyone’s chagrin, the team needs Rich to help decipher the equation. Rich brings big news, that’s not related to his newfound desire to learn about various religions and repent and clean his soul. The big news is he knows what the equation is. It’s a risk-to-reward algorithm Daedalus uses. Normally, it’s used for harmless pranks, but this time it gives the exact time for starting an armed conflict and cause a country to begin a war. Can you guess when that’s supposed to happen? If you guessed today, you’d be right. if you didn’t, then I don’t know. No dessert for you.

With Rich’s help, the team narrows in on a suspect – entrepreneur, tech guru, and owner of Riley Motors, Zach Riley. His company makes electric cars and would greatly benefit from a war in a lithium rich country. They decide to try to infiltrate a Daedalus meeting, by way of a winter carnival held at Jameson, to try to find Riley and see what he knows.

They enlist the help of Rich’s former partner, Boston, to get them into the carnival. There, Rich and Weller (posing as Rich’s husband: comedy gold) locate Riley working on a laptop. Before they can get to Riley, the laptop is whisked away to another room. They need that computer, so Patterson and Boston track down Riley to get the passcode, while Weller and Rich go after the laptop.

While Weller and Rich search Riley’s room, Riley enters and wants to know what they’re doing. Quick on his feet, Rich confronts Riley about stealing his code for a music-sharing program, which Riley turned into a program/company he later sold for millions. Using this distraction, the team is successful in acquiring the laptop and passcode, but not before eliminating Riley as a suspect. He sold Riley Motors and would no longer benefit from a war.

With that, the team looks for other suspects. They settle on military contractor, Benjamin Orin. Patterson and Boston try to tail him, but get jumped. Luckily, Weller comes in with the assist and saves the day, but not before handcuffing Rich to a statue for his own safety.

Except Rich wasn’t safe. Would anyone be if they were handcuffed to a statue for anyone to see? Seemingly random guy, Thad Munson walks by and sees Rich. Rich, in an attempt to get free, tells Munson what’s going on. Munson takes pity on Rich and frees him. Then he takes him hostage. Thad Munson is our elusive bad guy!

Munson forces Rich to help him get access to nuclear material on campus which he plans to use to create a dirty bomb. Weller arrives right before Rich finishes hacking the system. Munson tries to use Rich as a human shield, but he underestimates how willing Weller is to shoot Rich to get to Munson. Rich is shot in the leg, then with a clear shot, Weller shoots Munson.

In the aftermath of all of this, Rich decides he wants to be of more use to the FBI. He thinks he can help with another tattoo; he mentions Edgewater, but doesn’t quite remember everything. All I know is this means we’re definitely getting more Rich.

But what about Jane and Nas? They, along with Roman are trying to learn more about Ellen Briggs and how she became Shepherd. They plan on visiting a few properties Ellen owned in the hope of jogging a few memories loose.

The first place they go to is the home where Roman and Jane grew up. Not much happens, but a detour to Jane’s apartment knocks a memory loose. Roman remembers killing Taylor Shaw’s mom, Emma. He’s devastated by this news.

Borrow or Rob ends with Riley getting into the backseat of a car. Borden is in there. Riley is concerned about the FBI, but Borden assures him all will proceed as planned, and Riley is vital to Phase Two.

Other points of interest

~ Reade is still doing coke. This is going to end very badly.

~ Patterson finally admits she’s not okay.

~ Jane was going to Weller about Roman’s memory, but balks and tells him about her date with Oliver.


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