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This week, Blindspot decided to change things up a little, and split the team up in ways we don’t usually see.

Draw O Ceasar, Erase a Coward starts with Weller sparring with Roman. Since Weller was able to help Jane unlock memories while sparring, he’s hoping the same could be done for Roman. Unfortunately, nothing shakes loose.

With a little help from Rich Dotcom, who sadly isn’t in the episode, Patterson is able to crack another tattoo. She gathers the team, minus Reade, and tells them about the Continental coin on Jane. Rich recognized it as the symbol of Lelantos, who is THE courier for the Dark Web. Going a little farther down the rabbit hole, Patterson is able to make a connection between another on of Jane’s tattoos, the goddess Aura, whose son is Lelantos. The tattoos connect even more, and it all comes down to a name Marc Gelman, the Inner Care Medi Spa, and a phrase still to be deciphered.

The team splits up. Weller takes Roman, who needs to remember something or he’ll be turned over to the CIA, to investigate the spa. Jane with Zapata look into Gelman, and Patterson keeps working on the phrase.

Gelman, played by Hamilton’s own, Javier Munoz, claims he doesn’t know anything, but when he sees Lelantos’ symbol, he can’t control his reaction. He knows something. For now, he’s not talking, so Zapata and Jane look into his financials. He has several off-shore accounts and looks like he’s involved in money laundering.

They go check out an auction house they believe is tied to the coin. There, they meet Marjory Ellis. She’s in a rush, but when the women mention an interest in Continental coins, she stops and agrees to help them. She takes them to a back room. It’s filled with boxes and men with guns. The men start shooting. Jane and Zapata take cover. They eventually take control of the situation, but by the Marjory has fled.

Next up is Patterson and Reade. Reade comes in late. Zapata covered for him. Not that he realizes, but it doesn’t matter. Patterson has cracked the connection between the tattoos and it points to the Estevez Cartel. They go in search of Pablo Gomez. He’s a member of the cartel. They head to his home to find him not there. Here the stories between Jane/Zapata and Reade/Patterson intersect. Pablo is seen heading towards his home, talking to Marjory on the phone. Marjory is telling him something is wrong and he needs to not go home. Too late.

Reade and Patterson see him and give chase. Reade corners him and Pablo starts whimpering about how he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t want this life, it was all a mistake, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Some of what he says starts to get to Reade and Reade drops his gun. Pablo takes advantage of this to pull the gun from his back, and Patterson saves Reade.

Back at the FBI, Patterson digs even deeper into Pablo’s financials and discovers a building he’s been renting. They head over there and discover several beds with cuffs attached. They’re able to conclude Lelantos is moving people, but they still don’t know why.

And finally, we have Weller and Roman. They’re going undercover at the Spa. The doctor who runs the place, Dr. Katz, is supposedly so good, it takes forever to get an appointment with him, so Weller assumes the identity of a wealthy client who is meeting the doctor for the first time. Roman is going as his bodyguard.

It’s nice to see Roman out in the field, but at the same time, it’s weird. He doesn’t quite fit, but he’s trying. As Weller and Roman are taken to meet Dr. Katz, they notice an area locked off. You need a keycard to get in.

At the meeting, Dr. Katz, played by Flash fan favorite John Wesley Shipp, talks about his intensive wellness program. He makes the mistake of mentioning Roman’s scar, and this sets Roman off. He gets a little physical with the doctor. Weller pulls him off, and they leave the room so Roman can cool off.

Once away from the doctor, Roman shows Weller he nicked Katz’ keycard. Weller doesn’t appreciate him going off book, but acknowledges Roman did good work. They sneak into the locked off area and while Weller is uploading the doctor’s files to the FBI cloud, they have a group conference call. Roman and Weller discover vials of an anti-rejection medication and Patterson puts everything together. Lelantos is delivering people to Dr. Katz, so he can harvest their organs and provide transplants for the wealthy clients. Marjory is the one of the middle people.

Shots ring out. Weller and Roman run to the doctor’s office. Katz is lying in a pool of blood, dead. Marjory had come by, freaking out. The doctor tried to calm her down and told her to play it cool, but she was paranoid and thought the doctor would betray her, so she shot him, and is now on the run. Before they can do anything, Weller and Roman are tased and taken.

Zapata and Jane take another run at Gelman. Turns out he and Marjory were in a relationship. He loved her. But the FBI was able to determine she didn’t love him. She had several off shore accounts in her name only. She was going to double cross Gelman. Gelman gives up the location where the people and Lelantos will be.

The team comes together and head out to a truck depot. Weller and Roman are in the truck with the smuggled people, and with the help of the prisoners, are able to unlock their cuffs. When the team makes their presence known, they are able to join the fight. While the others take care of Marjory’s people and free the hostages, Weller goes after Marjory, and Roman goes after Lelantos.

Jumping from truck roof to truck roof, Weller is able to track Marjory. He notices Roman struggling with Lelantos, so he tells Reade and Zapata to go after Marjory, and he goes to help Roman. Weller takes out Lelantos right before he slits Roman’s throat. Reade is able to shoot Marjory right after she’s hit Zapata. Zapata is ok. The bullet hit her vest, but it still hurts.

But where’s Nas in all of this? She was contacted by her source inside Sandstorm. He wants to arrange a drop. She confirms he’s legit, and when he sends her coordinates to for the drop, she goes. Alone. She retrieves the item and heads to her car. Once inside, she starts to open the item, but is attacked from behind and the episode ends with us not knowing if Nas survives.

Other points of interest

~ Reade is still using and apparently engaging in one night stands. He was late because he was come down. Patterson recognizes the symptoms. She has a brother who is an addict. Even though he’s been in recovery, he’s not doing well, so she knows an addict when she sees one. Reade denies all of this and is in complete denial of the problem. It’s only a matter of time before this spirals out of control.

~ Weller asks Jane about her date. At first, he warns her against letting new people into her life. Uses Borden as an example. However, later on, he tells Jane to be cautious but don’t stop trying. One of his favorite things about her is her ability to see the good in people.

~ Zapata and Jane bond over how hard their personal lives are. Zapata runs background checks on all her dates. Her grandmother has even made comments about her ovaries drying up. Jane thinks it’s silly, but the more she thinks about it, the more nervous she gets. She asks Zapata to run a check on Oliver. They discover Oliver changed his name. Zapata tells her it might be nothing, but Jane asks Oliver about it, and he becomes upset she looked into him and cancels their date.

~ Roman and Weller bond a little. After spending time with him, Weller concludes he likes Roman. He shares a beer with him. This is great, but it’s going to suck for Weller when he finally finds out Roman killed Taylor Shaw’s mom.

~ Roman doesn’t really dislodge any new memories, but while in the truck, he remembers the orphanage. Roam really doesn’t want to remember any more memories. He doesn’t want to know about all the other bad things he’s done.

~ Roman discovers he speaks some Spanish.

Draw O Ceasar, Erase a Coward should have been a much stronger episode than it was. It’s always tricky splitting the stories, and while it more or less worked, I didn’t feel any sense of urgency. I didn’t really care what happened to anyone, with the exception of Patterson when she confronted Reade. The entire episode suffered from too much in too little time. I liked seeing the different team configurations, but maybe if the story was a little less complicated it would have resonated more. What do you think?

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