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After the success of Arrival and the incredible excitement for his Blade Runner sequel, Denis Villeneuve has now set his visionary sights on Dune.

Legendary has secured the rights based on Frank Herbert’s epic space odyssey to go forward with both film and TV plans. There are currently no stars attached to the film and it is pretty early to tell if the film will actually come together. The have been two times a Dune movie has fallen through, once in the 70’s  with Jodorowsky’s Dune and most recently director Peter Berg (Battleshipwas attached with Robert Pattinson set to star.

Both the SyFy mini-series adaptation (which at one point starred a super young James McAvoy) and the David Lynch film took a bit of creative liberties like a rhyming monologuing Baron and making it rain on Arrakis (Uh-no!). Fans of the series may be more excited to see a Villeneuve take, since the director has an established tone with films like Sicario and Arrival as well as an ability to keep true to source material while making the films his own.

Are you looking forward to this adaptation of Dune? Who would you like to see star in the film? Let us know in the comments below!

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