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Photographer Dennis DiLaura. Stylist Mary Jordan.

Although Mattel has previously given Barbie the mantle of an Amazonian warrior a couple of decades ago,  this has not stopped Mattel from creating a line of Wonder Woman dolls just for our geeky pleasure. And, all I have to say is, I want every single doll from this line. They are glorious and beautiful and everything I’d want from a Wonder Woman doll collection.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, Mattel unveiled pictures of their Wonder Woman line ahead of next weekend’s New York Toy Fair. It covers all of the dolls and toys featured in the line, showing us every amazing detail. The line is exceptionally affordable given the detailing that has been put into the dolls. For reference, the most expensive item in the line is $24.99.

If you or your child do not like dolls, they will also versions of Wonder Woman’s sword, bow and arrow, and her tiara and bracers. What I recommend is getting everything Mattel is offering and then have Amazonian adventures with your children. This is what I would do (and it gives an excuse for you to live out your Amazonian fantasies as an adult without cosplaying).

Mattel’s Wonder Woman toy line will hit shelves in the spring. An official date has not been announced, but it will be released before the movie comes out in June.

In the meantime, take a look at the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on the amazingness that is this particular Mattel Barbie line.

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  • What a beatiful Barbie! I still have my dolls from childhood and enjoy still adding to my collection at times. You’ve done a wonderful creation of super women. Thanks.
    Dona Nagy-Sutton

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