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In an exclusive by The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Mel Gibson wants to be the director for Suicide Squad 2 and has been courting Warner Bros. to start the process of potentially directing the film. This does not mean that he will be directing the film, however, since Warner Bros. is courting other potential directors like Daniel Espinosa.

Now, before everyone starts to freak out because that’s what we do when Mel Gibson is mentioned anywhere, I want to provide some reasoning for why he will probably not be selected as the director.

His reputation is still damaging. Since the 2000s after making anti-Semitic remarks, allegations of abuse, and drunken incidents, Mel Gibson has been blacklisted. Yes, he has done a couple of movies here and there. However, they have not been successful enough to raise his status back up in the eyes of Hollywood. Should Warner Bros. decide to hire Mel Gibson, it would prove to be a costly blow and it would be another hit to the studio after facing a substantial amount of creative turmoil recently on their various DC projects.

Directors are dropping left and right from Warner Bros. DC films. Ben Affleck has dropped out of directing The Batman. The Flash has also lost directors Rick Famuyiwa and Seth Grahame-Smith. Considering Mel Gibson’s somewhat fiery reputation, it may be more of a hassle for Warner Bros. to work with him just based on his reputation for butting heads. In my opinion, they need a director who will be more willing to compromise and who would be able to bite his tongue. History has proven Gibson is not well equipped for that.

Given his recent success with Hawksaw Ridge, however, studios may be more inclined to try to hire him for smaller films. He’s already been approached for Paramount’s Daddy’s Home 2. For now, it is easier to rationalize that he may not be hired. He still has substantial work left to do before I think a studio can trust him with a larger film.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Warner Bros. will go ahead and hire Mel Gibson? Let us know in the comments below.

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