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Movies are always trying to give us the ultimate experience. With 3D, 4DX, IMAX and more, your moviegoing adventures keep trying to up their game…but what if you can be part of the growth of science by just watching a film?

The MindGamers creators are doing just that. The film follows a group of 6 quantum physics students as they explore the limits, or rather, the unlimited possibilities of joining minds. So how you do fit in?

For a group of 1,000 people, in the largest experiment of its kind, audiences cognitive reactions will be broadcast into the cloud while watching MindGamers. Sounds cool right?

Here is the official synopsis:

A group of brilliant young students discover the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time: a wireless neural network, connected via a quantum computer, capable of linking the minds of each and every one of us. They realize that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor-skills from one brain to another, shareware for human motor-skills. They freely spread this technology, believing it to be a step towards a new intellectual freedom. But they soon discover that they are part of a much greater and more sinister experiment. What if you could suddenly share the mind and skills of a Stephen Hawking, Usain Bolt, or everyone on the planet? Based on real contemporary science, we re-imagine the modern movie-going experience.

If you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, you can buy tickets to be part of the social experiment of a lifetime at FathomEvents.com! You should, because when did a movie ever contribute directly to science in such a way?

MindGamers stars Sam NeillTom PayneMelia Kreiling and Oliver Stark, and will be released in LA and NYC on March 28. and nationwide on May 2.



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