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Supergirl Ep. 214 Recap & Review - 'Homecoming'

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“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Dean Cain is back! But at what cost? The team finds Jeremiah while trying to intercept a Cadmus transport. While everyone is thrilled to have him back, Mon-El is the first to note how awfully convenient it was for them to find him. Especially after Jeremiah reveals that Cadmus built a fusion bomb.

We’re not new to the whacky antics of genre TV. So when Jeremiah comes back, we immediately sniffed out the problem here. And so did Mon-El. When he can’t help but to express his concerns in front of everyone, he naturally pisses everyone off. The Danvers sisters are fiercely, and blindly, defensive of their long-lost father at first because they’re just so happy to have him back. They’re deliriously happy. How dare some outsider come in and suggest that Jeremiah should be vetted before coming back to the DEO with full clearance after spending 15 years wit the enemy. That dick.

I can understand that the girls don’t want reality bursting their bubble, but J’onn too? C’mon, guy. You’re the head of a very secretive organization. “Clearance level” should be the most commonly used two words in your English vocabulary. The fact that you give Jeremiah a key card after a one-hour tour around the base is just making you look like an idiot here. After some heated back and forth between Kara and Mon-El, and Winn, Kara begins to doubt as well. The first major warning sign we see from Jeremiah is his bee line for the DEO mainframe. Winn sees that he hacked some files. Armed with this information, Kara, Winn and Mon-El confront Jeremiah in front of J’onn and Alex. When Jeremiah throws the suspicion off of himself by telling everyone that he was just trying to catch up on Alex and Kara’s old case files, which he really did. After Winn confirms, Alex becomes furious and lashes out at Kara.

Jeremiah eventually does show his true colors when the team is thrown into to a fake Cadmus operation and he takes the opportunity to steal all the names from the DEO’s alien registry. While this whole episode has been kind of predictable, “Homecoming” does work on an emotional level. Chyler Leigh shines in this episode as she gives a dramatically rich performance she hasn’t had to pull out since her coming out episode. When the truth finally does come out, she’s emotional and raw enough to fight with her father. When everything is calm and everyone as time to process what’s happened, Alex breaks down in such a way that you can feel all of the anguish, sadness, and devastation that she built up in the episode, and possibly throughout the 15 years her father had been gone.

After what the Danvers sisters consistently go through in regards of their father, you kinda have to wonder why they aren’t the center of attention in this entire episode. In fact, Mon-El is front and center again this week.

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

For whatever reason, we spend more time with Mon-El processing Kara’s feelings about Jeremiah’s return than we do watching Kara do all of this herself. I like Mon-El being around and all, but he’s pulling away way too much of the female-centric focus this show used to have. He’s not the sole reason, mind you, but he is contributing to it. At least he gets some character growth in this episode.

Mon-El finally realizes that he might not actually be the best romantic partner. He actually seeks advice from Winn, who not only knows Kara pretty well but is also in a new relationship of his own. “Kara’s a bad-ass,” Winn tells Mon-El. She doesn’t need a protector or someone to show her off.” She does all of those things pretty well on her own. What Kara really needs is for someone to listen to her. By the end of the episode, Mon-El takes this advice to heart. He tries to comfort Kara by just being there and to listen if she needs to vent. Hopefully this growth sticks. Mon-El can be pretty obnoxious. As we saw last week, it doesn’t seem he takes to lesson-learning as well as we’d hope.

Overall, the story this week seems cohesive again. See? With a Luthor around, the stakes just smooth on like creamy butter. At the conclusion of the episode, we see a clearer path forward. Lillian now has the alien registry and a bomb. Take a guess what she plans to do with both of them.

But while we know alien genocide is on the menu, there’s still the whole story of what’s going to happen with Mon-El. We know he’s actually the Prince of Daxam, and we know there are people out there looking for him. Are we going to find out later this season too, or will it somehow carry over to Season 3?


  • Jeremiah hid the fact that his bad arm was a cybernetic one. How did the X-Ray scans not pick up on that? I assume they put him through an X-Rray because Alex commented that his hand was in really bad shape.
  • How did J’onn not pick up on Jeremiah’s treachery from the very beginning? He’s psychic, right? I understand if he was just trying to be polite, but that didn’t stop him from reading Alex’s mind to find out she’s gay.
  • Good for Eliza for not wanting to pick up where she and Jeremiah left off 15 years. I mean, duh, they’ve been apart for 15 years. They have to start all over again.
  • Kara rebuilding the train tracks is another great hero moment in Supergirl’s career.
  • “Was I that bad? Or was I too good?” How can anyone be “too good” at sex to make the other person vacate the building?

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