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Knowing The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end, the show really hadn’t felt like it was making final decisions about our beloved Mystic Falls residents, until now. This week’s episode definitely is a zinger and one that hits hard for those….well, who probably still expected it. Even last weeks reunions/forgiveness and spot the old favorite game wasn’t as final as what Cade has in store for the Vampire Squad.

Since Cade is now out of hell and has destroyed the Sirens (we never have one bad guy till the end, guess it really is coming up). One last thing to worry about I guess. But to get things moving the episode begins with Cade talking to Bonnie in a Coffee shop, clearly, she doesn’t realize who it is, yet after she leaves Cade lets the manager know his employee is banging his wife and all hell breaks loose…..quite literally.

Next up is the Salvatore brothers; Stefan is locked up of course and Damon is reveling in his humanity having been returned. Mostly, it’s updating the youngest brother on what’s happened so far with the Sirens, and how thrilled Damon is with a balanced humanity on life!

On the other side of town, Matt as a Mr. Sheriff is presiding over a time-capsule event. Guess Mystic Falls really likes digging up its old problems. Really, it’s just the town digging up a capsule from 1790 that was buried by that town founders. Appropriate timing to something that I may guess will help in their goal to kill Cade. Though in the meantime Caroline finds an old time capsule she, Bonnie, and Elena had buried. It’s an incredibly adorable moment of nostalgia as she reads a letter from her younger self, she sends a photo to Bonnie of Bonnie’s 11-year-old bucket list, and there are a ton of photos of all the girls as kids.

Somewhere on the road to the Maxwell Bell Bonnie and Enzo are laughing over the picture that Caroline sent. Enzo and Bonnie ar still the cutest and still the happiest, I really hope this means nothing happens to them. BUT, at least Bonnie comes up with a great idea: before Enzo takes the cure he should take advantage of his immortality and do some adventurous things. Then he can create his own humanity bucket list, until then RACE CARS. Still sooooo adorable!

Now that we’re all caught up with how everyone’s lives are after last week, the episode gets to the point with Cade. Mr. Hell 2017 (or whatever year they’re actually in now) has decided to go after his minions. Aka, he releases Stefan and tells Damon that he has to kill 100 evil residents or kill Caroline. Surprisingly, even Damon’s good mood isn’t hampered by this revelation. So he just warns Caroline of the impending issue and goes off to work on his own plan. In the meantime, Caroline tries to give a backup plan to Matt, well a blood orange cocktail emphasize on the blood, but he refuses to ever become a vampire. However, Dorian overhears this and is interested.

Before talks of becoming a vampire happen though Matt is discussing with Dorian an artifact that was found in the time capsule. An artifact that has the Maxwell crest on it, just like the journals. Seems this item may be the key to deciphering the journals and Dorian starts work on that project.

As for what Cade is still up to, he runs into Damon at the school grounds and does a great job of showing Damon just how immortal and untouchable he is. He rips out his own heart, he lights himself on fire…and basically, every possible normal way of killing the immortals is useless. It only really goes to show that Cade seems to be a bit of a pyro, but also ruins most of Damon’s plans. Now Damon has to find Caroline and puts some more brain power on this problem.

Finding her at the Mystic Falls Grill is easy, and she has a few ideas but they involve using the cure in Elena’s blood. Damon isn’t happy about this at all, and as it turns out had no idea that Bonnie and Enzo had plans to use it either. Somewhere along these multiple use ideas, something is bound to get messed up and Damon refuses to be the one stuck human with Elena stuck asleep for decades still. Yet, Caroline can’t turn down the idea of giving Cade the cure, aging him 4000 years in no time, and then letting Enzo take the cure back from him. Sounds like a good plan, but wayyy too many variables are never good for our Circle of Trust.

Let’s stop back over and visit our favorite happy couple for some good or even adorable news. After their long day of vampire bucket listing, Bonnie and Enzo end up in the middle of nowhere at this small older house. It seems Bonnie owns this house and Enzo thinks it could be for them, but in reality, the house is now the holding place of Elena’s coffin. SURPRISE! Guess tracking down the cure was a little easier than having to go to Brooklyn. Though, Bonnie also realizes that even with the happiness she’s experiencing she must still help her friends. She agrees to Caroline’s idea for the cure.

Since everything seems to come up Cade this go around its only right that he finds some of the gang and let them in on his plans. You know, since he immortal and has zero reasons to think they could ever come up with a way to defeat him, he wants to revel in his plans and destruction. Oh, yeah, and he kills several people before he even decides to talk to them (refer back to Pyro theory). The plan, though, when he finally does share it is the same plan he had given Damon. The trick being he gave it to Stefan as well, but Stefan had to either kill 100 people OR Elena. Turns out earlier in the episode he has an odd conversation with a woman at the gas station. That woman turns out to be a real estate agent who sold Bonnie the house. If he can change the documents, and he does near the end of the episode, he will be allowed to get into the house with the coffin.

It also seems that what Stefan has to do and Damon has to do are separate. So the body count could be HUGE….except Stefan gets the lease changed and as Bonnie and Enzo are enjoying a moment talking about their future and the future of their friends Enzo is ripped from the house.

Damon calls his brother and begs him not to hurt Elena, but his plan of calling the NYPD isn’t useful. Turns out Cade meeting Bonnie at the beginning of the episode served as a moment to read her mind. So Cade found out about Bonnie’s house and sent his loyal puppy dog Stefan after the real estate agent and the house. The only standing between Elena and Stefan is Bonnie and Enzo who can’t get into the house anymore. So the only Bonnie can think of is to get the cure ready. Before they don’t have the chance anymore.

Stefan is determined no matter how much Damon begs. His reasoning is that if he kills Elena, Damon could never forgive him and he’d be rid of him forever. The journal entry on this time period is going to be pretty nasty when she reads it one day….hopefully.

But no one else gets there in time, and while Bonnie is distracted with the cure, Stefan is upon Enzo. In the last minutes of the episode, some of the final actions seeming to happen. When Bonnie walks around the corner, Enzo stands in the doorway as Stefan rips out his heart and kills him (NOOOOOOO ENZOOOOOO). With no remorse, Stefan walks into the house staring down a Bonnie Bennett who is devastated. But, with the last will she has to get to Enzo’s body, she stabs Stefan with the cure. This heart-shattering episode ends with Bonnie screaming and holding Enzo’s desiccating body. Her screams so distraught that he body releases a pulse, maybe psychic, into the sky.

Enzo is gone, and Stefan is human.

Other small things in the episode:

  • Dorian chose not to become a vampire after watching Damon kill an innocent woman.
  • Dorian ALSO has a weird backstory, and knowing this show, his backstory about a cursed family is likely to come into play somehow.



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