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Ladies and Gentleman buckle up for this week’s episode full of GUILT! Because nothing like having your humanity back, by actually becoming human. Though in the ongoing homages to season one, this season has now beautifully captured the episode ‘Blood Brothers;’ When Elena Gilbert ran over the Salvatore mansion to demand her new boyfriend tell her what he was. Stefan now allowed to be the thing he always dreamed of being, human, is now faced with dealing with all his guilt and the horror of his actions.

The episode itself begins pretty epically. Matt Donovan is having a dream of when all the witches were burned at the last ringing of the Maxwell Bell. There’s a slight catch, though, he wakes up in the bowels of the armory sweaty profusely, the alarms are going off, but Alaric shows up (finally, where has he been hiding?) with a gun in hand. Thankfully, if one is going to wake up somewhere random at least it’s with two really knowledgeable occult researchers. So, Alaric and Dorian figure out pretty quickly that Matt wasn’t just having a nightmare, but instead reliving the event through a witches Talisman.


On the other side of Mystic Falls Damon is still heading towards Bonnie, and in such a heartwrenching scene Bonnie answers Damon’s insistent phone calls while staring at the Enzo’s lifeless body. Bonnie fills Damon in pretty quickly on what happened: Elena is safe, Enzo is dead, and Stefan is human. Three little situations that have so drastically changed the landscape and future for this show. There’s likely no going back from this one, it looks like the Salvatores interference in Bonnie’s life has done the most damage to date.

Then there is Stefan who is speeding down the highway, covered in Enzo’s blood, and reliving every horror he committed in the past few weeks. He’s also looking a little sick, but becoming NOT dead has to take a toll on you. Caroline calls him after Damon had informed her of what transpired. She’s hell bent on getting Stefan back, but he’s ignoring her demands to come home because he can’t face anyone after what he’s done. He still seems the one who no matter how much he tries to help his friends and loved ones it always comes around to backfire on him. With only 5 episodes left, Stefan’s humanity may be the thing that drives everyone into different directions and corners of the world. Though in all irony, Stefan getting arrested was a pretty damn funny moment. He’s sprung pretty fast by Caroline, so it doesn’t last.

Before this, though, Damon misses his chance to go with Caroline to the police station because good ol’Cade shows up at the mansion with a new deal. Turns out if you make a deal for two immortal souls, and one of them becomes human, the deal is off. This also, means Damon has to strike a new deal so that Cade doesn’t reap Stefan’s soul by midnight. Guess the Maxwell book is a little more important than we’ve all been led to believe, as Cade wants it in trade for Stefan to live his life as a human.

However, getting the book tends to be a little complicated for Damon, now that guard dog Alaric is back. I love that he still won’t put up with anything the Salvatores throw at him, instead, he just kills Damon and locks him up in a cell. Now that he knows Cade wants the book, Dorian and Alaric strap Matt into some medical devices so that they can send him back into the witch visions and maybe see what the notebook could mean to Cade.

Once Matt is under the vision moves very quickly to the house the witches were burned at and we see Ethan Maxwell and Beatrice Bennett working on the final touches to the Bell’s spell. Heh, the Bennett’s always seemed to have a hand in everything! Soon there is a problem, though, as the Sirens show up and bewitch Ethan to change the parameters of the spell. Cade wants it to reign hellfire on the world, and the Ethan changes it allow this to happen when rung. Luckily, the mind-control, though not allowing him to tell Beatrice what’s been changed, doesn’t prevent him from writing a coded message to her in her journal (guess that cipher is going to come in handy now). So in the end, all the witches dying was to prevent Cade from being unleashed on the world. They were actually sacrificing their lives to protect, instead of being murdered.

The visions are having an effect on Matt and he starts going into cardiac arrest. Alaric has to release Damon to save him, but it doesn’t wake him up. Matt is still seeing what transpired back in the 1790’s and that it was Beatrice Bennett who locked the Sirens in the caves, but their sirening also meant that Ethan needed to be locked into the tunnels as well. Because, well, the sirens told Ethan how to kill the devil and because he’s locked up he wrote it down in his journals code. Now we know why the journal is important, but also Damon steals it before they realize this. So the journal is destroyed and so is their hope of defeating the devil.

All while this is going on, Bonnie is still grieving. Though, in her pain, Caroline decided that if she wasn’t going to speak with anyone, that there may be one person she would; her mother. So Bonnie’s normally absent mother Abby shows up to help her daughter cope and it works somewhat. Their only real plan is to lay Enzo to rest peacefully and return his body to the earth and they prep him out in a beautiful moment of goodbye, but there’s a small problem; Bonnie is either going crazy or Enzo is trying to reach out to her and connect with her again. Momma Abby is alright with them trying to connect to him if it just convinces Bonnie that he really is gone, but things never go according to plan, and Enzo is really trying to get ahold of Bonnie. It seems that in Bonnie grief she may have opened a door to another world (remember that ripple during her scream last week?). Enzo is trying to get ahold of her and he trapped somewhere awful, yet where ever he is the world is trying to reach out and Momma Abby burns Enzo’s body, much to Bonnie’s horror. She wanted to close that door before something could come crawling back out. Bonnie has to let go now.

Stefan is still wallowing in his guilt and when he’s being released from the local jail, overhears a small girl talking about her missing mother. This missing mother is none other than the Realtor from the previous episode, and it makes Stefan realize he needs to try and make as many of his crimes right as he can. This, later on, includes even having to talk to Bonnie, but before he can get hexed he is tazed and kidnapped on Bonnie’s front lawn. Whoever did it is still a mystery….because we need Stefan in mortal danger again for some reason.

Lastly, in the action-packed and emotional roller coaster of an hour….Damon heads back to the armory to make amends? Turns out he remembered a lot of what Sybil ranted about when he was under her control, and one of those things was an insurance policy of someone couldn’t kill Cade. The dagger that was seen in one of Matt’s visions was made from Cade’s bones when hell was founded. If something made from the Devil is lying around don’t you think it could destroy him as well. However, I can’t be the only one who really thought that Alaric was going to plunge that dagger into Damon instead of the other big reveal.

KAI IS BACK! *he giggles and waves*…and he has a better plan!

Guess Bonnie’s latent magic ripped open a doorway, just not to hell like everyone thought.


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