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‘The Lies Will Catch Up to You” is the latest installment in our countdown to till the end of The Vampire Diaries. As with all the other episodes this season the title quotes a phrase our beloved characters said to each other in the first season. This time is the lies is something Damon said to Stefan about Elena; meaning that one day all his blatant lies and little mistakes would catch up to him one day and Elena would find out who he was. It’s fitting for an episode set after Stefan’s human transformation, because if any of us have forgotten, losing your vampirism to humanity means that ALL your victims regain ALL the memories you wipe away….things were really interesting for Stefan tonight.

So, in other words, Stefan has a lot to make up for, and no way to talk his way out of it. Oh, WAIT…Caroline! But we’ll get that because KAI HAS RETURNED TO MYSTIC FALLS!!!!!! I was so ready for these final episodes to have some form of smart-assed, unredeemable bad guy. Hell, even the Sirens had some redeemable qualities and were sad about the things they did. Kai however, is one dimension away from creating a murder buffet. Turns out that even though he is back he can’t feel or taste things. So even though the bell opened up hell nad he walked towards the Mystic Falls light, he hasn’t fully returned. Oh, he can still do magic, albeit slowly and with concentration (turns out he can only siphon himself), he’s just not his full self.

I’ve so missed Chris Wood….

None of this, however, means jack to Alaric or Damon. They both try and kill him or send him back to Cade in any way they can. Well, that is until he says he can bring back Elena, so suddenly Damon is on board. Alaric…not so much….ever….ever.

But back on the Stefan front, when someone becomes a vampire compulsion wears off, so now if one becomes human ALL compulsion they ever used wears off on their victims. A lot of Mystic Falls residents start showing up to the police station and reporting really old crimes involving a vampire. WHOOPS! It’s an easy fix, though, because Caroline can just re-compel them. Though who’s going to go after all those people around the world he’s victimized….and we can’t forget he was KIDNAPPED last episode!

That incident is also tied into everyone remembering things. Remember back when Dorian kept making odd comments about his family dying in a fire, and that is what brought him into occult studies. Well…..Stefan, in reality, killed his family and now that Dorian remembers he kidnapped him for revenge….DUN DUN DUN!

Dorian, is in reality, Dorian Williams the son and brother too Robert and Tina Williams; these were people he killed in Tennessee back in the Klaus days. In terms od redemption this arc for Stefan is going to get hairy quick. Even though Stefan remembers the names of his victims and has never forgotten one single person he killed, Dorian is quick to remind him he didn’t know who Dorian was. So it’s not just people he kills who are his victims…a lesson that Stefan is about to learn finally. Man, Dorian speech to Stefan is pretty epic and points out every flaw with the obsessive and irritating Salvatore. “Who gives a crap about your redemption, the damage is done, Stefan.” Dorian is more and more fun by the episode! Oh….Also…Dorian is making Stefan literally dig his own grave during this speech.

On the Damon and Kai front, Damon’s grand plan is to call Bonnie and what progress she’s made on contacting Enzo. She’s not stupid and figures out pretty fast that Damon is with Kai and that she won’t help Kai Parker for anything. Turns out she was telling the truth and is more apt to talk to Cade than Kai. WOW! So she goes off to the do that while Kai is slowly being sucked back into hell. Sadly, he doesn’t want to go back and he’s really holding onto Damon with the Elena card, and the only way for him to stay is to kill people and present other souls to Cade. We know how this will turn out….murder buffet.

Bonnie for all that she is smart, isn’t really showcasing it this episode when she goes and talks to Cade. Even though she doesn’t have her magic, she still is psychic and that is essentially how Cade is powerful; hell is just a psychic dimension. But she really want to talk to Enzo and Cade is apparently the only person who can help….So in PUBLIC…Bonnie gets to relive Enzo’s death over and over again, while Cade holds her hand. I understand that traumatic awakenings are good for the magic soul, but this seems a little excessive.

She reaches him, though, and the first thing Enzo tells her is WTF ARE YOU WITH CADE, THIS IS A DUMB IDEA! Thank you Enzo! Also, YES! Michael Malarkey is back for this scene. In even better news Enzo isn’t in hell, and he wants Bonnie away from Cade because Cade is using her to find Enzo….wait, Enzo isn’t in hell? NOPE! Turns out Bonnie’s scream was a psychic scream and it created her own dimension and Enzo’s soul is safely hidden in it. At least he’s safe and not burning and screaming in agony (Kai’s version of hell). But Cade isn’t happy that Enzo isn’t his, and he tries to strip the knowledge of where he is from Bonnie’s mind. She protects it, as apparently, she’s just as powerful as Cade (aka she’s the only other who has created a psychic dimension other than Cade).

Cade does realize Kai is out though….

When Damon catches word that Cade is mad Kai is out, he gets some grand plan of redemption for Kai. I really hope this doesn’t work out, there are way too many redemption lines going around in the show as it is. But the plan is Kai does one big grand gesture, and of course, it has to do with Elena, so that he doesn’t fall under Cade’s jurisdiction anymore. They head off to Elena’s coffin.

Meanwhile..Dorian gets a case of guilts when he does actually shoot Stefan. Not Whoops! So Caroline runs off from trying to re compel half the town to help. But Cade appears as well, except he appears to a ghost, Stefan. Stefan is really close to death and Cade tries to convince him to just let go because it would be easier for Caroline. Well, he won’t. He believes he has too much to atone for and isn’t ready. So he returns to the land of the living, and a hospital bed.

In the end of all things that happened in this episode Damon and Kai head to Elena’s coffin. In a twist that we all saw coming, because, well, it’s Kai….he siphons all of Damon’s energy, steals Elena’s body, and disappears. His reasoning…“There is no such thing as redemption.”

Other episode notes: As a side plot Caroline got to see the girls again, but apparently the twins are acting up…magically! The fact that not one thing mentioned this season, hasn’t turned into something, means this doesn’t bode well.


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  • I’m still a little confused- does every evil soul go to Cade’s dimension or just the ones that are harvested by sirens or Salvatores?
    The self-aware moments are awesome but probably won’t lead to any of these characters getting what they deserve.
    Kai is still unrepentant and fun.

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