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25 Years Ago, Mulder and Scully Opened Their First X-File

While The X-Files debuted on September 10, 1993, Mulder and Scully’s first case actually started in “Coastal Northwest Oregon, March 7, 1992,” according to the time stamp and the official X-Files wiki. Mulder greeted Scully’s knock on the fabled basement office with the now-infamous “nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted” and a beautiful, complicated, frustrating, epic relationship was born. I am so thrilled that after 25 years, this fandom is alive and thriving, having been through so much yet still appreciative of the magic that happened all those years ago.

Also, don’t you original fans who watched it as it aired feel OLD? I know I do – I started watching sometime in season 3. I was almost 13. Sunday nights at 9pm were a sacred space. I kind of miss the way we watched back then – everyone had to stop what they were doing and sit down for a new ep of “The X-Files.” Then, obviously, we’d all crowd into a chat room and break the whole thing down. What a time to be alive!

Today sure would have been a great day for Fox to announce season 11, which we’ve all been hearing is in the works since last February’s season 10 cliffhanger left Mulder and Scully stranded on a bridge outside Washington DC, an alien spaceship above them. Mulder was near death from a rapidly spreading epidemic to which Scully was immune. Too bad we’re going to have to wait a while longer, fellow Philes! Our intrepid agents really need (nay, deserve!) a much better ending than where we left them, so hopefully there will be news soon.

Fox promo photo from season 6 – we’ve reached peak hair

Meanwhile, what was your favorite part of the Pilot? Mulder spray painting the red X on the side of the road? Losing 9 minutes? Mulder and Scully yelling in the rain in the cemetery, probably while David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were wondering just what, exactly, they were getting themselves into with all this running around at night with naught but flashlights and government-issued firearms for safety? Or was it the start of the ‘ship, when Scully came to Mulder’s hotel room in her bathrobe, worried she had alien implants in her back? The power was out! He touched her back! They talked into the wee hours! (Ok, you found my favorite part.)

Tweet me your faves! And since tomorrow is International Women’s Day (#IWD), get your Dana Scully appreciation on!

Source: Amy Imhoff’s mind palace of nearly useless nerd facts

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