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Hi Legion of Leia friends!!!

My name is Katherine (alias: Katie) and I’ve been fortunate enough to write for Legion of Leia for a while now! I am all about female empowerment which is, of course, a HUGE part of this site!

So, here’s the fun, new thing I’m doing! My girl, Emily Paddock, and I have a podcast. Yup. You guessed it. Coffee with Katie and Emily is where it’s at.

On our latest episode, entitled “Episode 10: Part 2 – Beauty and the Beast,” Emily, our amazing co-host Michael Groover, and I discuss the majesty and wonder of this amazing story.

I give a quick overview of the original, French fairytale published in 1730 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, we talk about the stage production, the 1991 Disney cartoon that changed my life, and then we bring it home discussing the new live-action film starring Emma Watson.

And, being the theater kids we are, we treat our listeners to a medley of our favorite Beauty and the Beast songs. (Apologies in advance…)

We all love Belle so much. As I discuss on the podcast, she really changed my idea of what a princess/woman could be! Though I loved and adored Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel (who were the Disney princesses who came before her), there was something veeeerrryyyyy different about Belle. I will always argue that each Disney princess is strong and wonderful. But Belle was a badass.

She was educated and kind; she was strong in a new and refreshing way. Gaston was a d-bag and she saw right through him. Furthermore (and most importantly in my opinion) she was never a victim. Despite being held captive by a “Beast” after sacrificing herself for her father, she maintained her dignity and strength of character.

In this podcast episode, Emily, Michael, and I also discuss our hopes and concerns for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film that hit theaters today!!! From Emma Watson’s vocal performance to the importance of LGBT visibility in Disney films, we discuss it all! We also tackle the AMAZING theme of feminism (nnnnaturally) in the film as we chat about Emma Watson’s “tits” and Gloria Steinem’s stamp of approval!

You can find our episode NOW on iTunes and SoundCloud!

Thank you so much for listening! We really hope you enjoy it! XO

– Katie, Emily, and Michael







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